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EHS teacher ends year on high note

May 29, 2008

Eudora High School special education teacher Ty Pattison is having a pretty good month.

Not only is school finished and he can get in on the end of turkey season, but he also was chosen as the Eudora Chamber of Commerce's teacher of the month for May.

Pattison said he thought his colleagues were more deserving of the award, but was pleased to have been selected by his peers.

"I was pretty excited about it," Pattison said. "I wasn't really expecting something like that because I just feel like some of the other teachers do a lot more."

Pattison, who has been teaching at EHS for all eight years of his teaching career, intended to teach physical education. But he felt like he needed to go in a different direction. He settled on special education after an experience in a class called special populations.

After doing physical therapy in a swimming pool with those students, be decided to further pursue teaching special education.

The husband and father of two has not completely abandoned his love for sports, as he coaches EHS softball, runs the off-season conditioning program and serves as the defensive line coach for the EHS football team.

"He's one of those guys who also connects with the whole student body and I think some of our other teachers have noticed that, too, and see that it makes a big difference," EHS Principal Dale Sample said.

Pattison works with some students who are mildly mentally disabled, but mostly teaches students who have learning disabilities in math and reading comprehension.

Pattison also helps students improve their study skills as well as work on test preparation and homework completion.

Sample said Pattison has been an asset to the whole faculty as a result of his participation during teacher collaboration meetings.

"He's in a department that doesn't always get a lot of recognition," Sample said. "Since we've put in a lot of the interventions we do with kids for the state assessments and trying to help them a bit in class, he really has been a tremendous resource for the whole faculty.

'He also provides a lot of communication between our core classes and the special education group because he goes to the collaboration meetings."


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