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Graduation success story overlooked

May 29, 2008

There was a remarkable story in this month's Eudora High School graduation that is so routine it went unmentioned. Of this year's senior class of students, 94 out of 96 graduated.

The culture of Kansas is that students graduate with the state consistently reporting dropout rates amongst the lowest in the country. The Kansas Department of Educations Web site, reports 89.7 percent of the state's seniors graduated in 2006, the last year figures were posted, and 90.2 percent did so in 2005. Eudora High School did even better with a 98.6 percent graduation rate in 2006 and 97.5 in 2005. The school's dropout rate was a miniscule .2 percent in 2006 and zero the previous year.

There are many stories behind that success. It starts with the active role parents take in their childrens' education. That involvement encourages the district to hire and retain quality teachers and administrators. That is important because Eudora is not a perfect community and not all students enjoy the same amount of parental support. It is the district's quality staff that make the difference for those students.

Finally, the success is a reflection of the students learning they have an expectation of success.

Again, the success of the community and district at producing graduates is so routine it is taken for granted. It shouldn't be. It is one of the very good things about this community.


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