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Thanks owed to all of Tuesday’s candidates

November 6, 2008

Wednesday was a day of differing emotions for those invested in the elections of the day before. It was a day of joy and anticipation for the winners and their supporters and a day of reflection and sadness for the losers and those who backed them.

Of course, those most heavily invested were the candidates. We have seen first hand how devastating defeat can be to those who have spent months walking door to door, attending community functions and, in some cases, a good deal of their own money campaigning. It is an endeavor that by its nature ends in rejection for at least 50 percent of those running for contested seats. Candidates add to that certainty the opening of their lives to the public and themselves to attacks by opponents.

With all that, we’re fortunate as voters we have choices to make at the polls. That we do is because candidates step forward because they believe they can make a difference through service. They also made Tuesday’s winners better by forcing them to campaign more vigorously and learn more the concerns of their constituents.

So as we take time to congratulate the winning candidates, we also salute those who make democracy work by offering an alternative.


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