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Downtown businesses need support

November 20, 2008

The downtown project is well into its fourth month. It is at a point that everyone is tired of the constant hassles and can’t see enough of the end results to be forgive the aggravation.

One business has closed in downtown since the project began. Whether the project was directly responsible, it’s a safe bet the Main Street construction zone didn’t help the situation. Other businesses are surely feeling the pinch.

As exasperating as it is to see construction drag on, we remain convinced the project is worth it and will add value to the district long after the headaches of construction are a distant memory. We believe that because first and foremost the project is a bargain for the city, which leveraged $1.4 million of state and county money for the upgrade of its historic downtown. We also acknowledge infrastructure wears out and needs to be replaced — no matter how inconvenient.

The good news is barring an extreme cold snap, the project should be wrapped up — save for the light poles — next month and the contractor will not have to return next spring to finish paving of Main Street from Sixth to 10th streets.

When the project is finished, there will likely be a lot of traffic downtown as residents check out the upgrades. That’s good, but downtown business could use some of that curious traffic now.


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