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Ministerial Alliance increases fund

November 26, 2008

The Eudora Ministerial Alliance usually is on the giving side of charity, but after its funds ran dangerously low it asked the community for help.

The alliance received that help in the way of about $1,000 in donations at Sunday’s community Thanksgiving service.

The group’s main concern is to raise funds for the needy in order to help them pay for utilities and sometimes food. However, the fund used to dole out those payments was down to just $84.

Ministerial Alliance President Darin Kearns, who is the pastor of Hesper Friends Church, estimates the average utility bill to cost about $82. So, it wasn’t a stretch to say they had enough to help just one more person.

Kevin Wood, pastor of the Eudora Eudora First Southern Baptist Church, is the treasurer of the alliance and screens those who ask for assistance. Funds are given to individuals just once every six months. Upon approval, funds are sent directly to the city of Eudora.

City clerk Donna Oleson said requests for extensions on bills are up about 25 percent this year.

In the year to date, the alliance has assisted families in need 36 times and the total amount disbursed for needs — not including money given to the food pantry — was $2,950.

The alliance consists of pastors from Hesper Friends Church, Eudora First Southern Baptist Church, Eudora United Methodist Church, St. Paul United Church of Christ, Holy Family Catholic Church and Eudora Assembly of God. They also support the food pantry, which is housed in the basement of St. Paul United Church of Christ.

Kearns said the group has made a point of not examining the areas in which respective churches differ, but instead focus what they have in common.

“We choose our names for different reasons, but Jesus didn’t call us the ‘Friend’s Church’ in the beginning, he just said it was his body. And if you look at scripture, it talks about how there are different parts — there are hands, feet, the mouth, the head — so we have to understand that we’re working together.”

The alliance typically has two community services in which it asks for donations: one on Good Friday and another for Thanksgiving.

In between those two services, the fund usually doesn’t get lower than about $1,000.

Kearns said about 150 people attended the service and he was pleased with the turnout.


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