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Current 1061 speed limit appropriate

October 2, 2008

Last week, the Eudora City Council delayed action on a recommendation to increase the speed limit to 35 mph on Douglas County Road 1061 in front of Eudora Middle School. It is to be hoped that delay is the first step to rejecting any such increase.

The reasoning behind the increase was that motorists were already averaging 35 mph on that length of roadway and that was therefore already the effective speed limit.

The 30 mph speed zone south of Kansas Highway 10 extends to Douglas County Road 1200 and seems deceptively open. But of course there are two schools to the west in addition to the entryways to two subdivisions, one without a turn or access lane, on the stretch of road.

Joining that development in the next few years will be a new district stadium, which will add traffic to the roads at hours other than its current peaks tied to the daily start and end of school, and a vocational education center.

All of this is occurring on a road that is relatively narrow and probably overdue for a major improvement, as is all of Church Street in Eudora south of 10th Street.

What is especially disconcerting about the proposal is that it was nearly considered without the input of school district officials. Eudora Superintendent Don Grosdidier only learned of the proposal from a reporter with this newspaper.

If the 30 mph speed limited is an inconvenience, it is one justified by existing and coming conditions. We would hope the city would work with the school district to regulate the stretch with foremost consideration given to its special circumstances.


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