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City to annex east half of CR 1061

A car heads south past Eudora High School on CR 1061. The City Council on Monday annexed the east side of CR 1061. between 23rd and 28th streets.

A car heads south past Eudora High School on CR 1061. The City Council on Monday annexed the east side of CR 1061. between 23rd and 28th streets.

October 16, 2008

The Eudora City Council voted Monday night to annex the east side of Church St. between 23rd and 28th streets.

The move came after Douglas County, which had controlled the east half of Church Street, conducted a traffic study that determined the appropriate speed limit should be 35 mph. The current speed limit is 30 mph. At the Sept. 22 city council meeting, the county proposed the speed limit be increased.

However, Eudora USD 491 Superintendent Don Grosdidier voiced the school district’s opposition to the speed limit increase because the stretch of road is directly in front of the high school and middle school.

City Administrator Cheryl Beatty told the council it could look into annexing the area at a cost of about $1,000 to ensure the speed limit would not be increased.

They asked Grosdidier if the school district could help with the cost of annexation and he brought the issue to the Board of Education Thursday night.

The board was in consensus to split the cost of annexation with the city.

The council voted unanimously to annex the area.

Council members Bill Whitten and Jeff Peterson were not present at the meeting.

“I live across the street from there (the middle school and high school), so I see the traffic and I see the kids and the speed limit needs stay thirty (mph),” Councilwoman Lori Fritzel said.

If the speed limit did change, Fritzel and Councilwoman Maria Nelson indicated in would decrease as a result of the school zone extending the school zone to stretch from the high school to the middle school.

The zone currently is about 300 feet long and covers the high school area near the intersection of 23rd and Church streets.

Grosdidier was pleased with the Council’s decision.

“The school district is very interested in supporting the city in the annexation and working with them to establish a speed that would protect the welfare of all students who use that particular section of the road,” he said. “I feel that our participation in this will allow them to keep the speed limit at 30 mph and to then open discussions with them about how appropriate it might be to create a school zone through that area.”

The total cost of annexation is estimated to be about $1,000.

In other actions, the council:

• Approved a request to complete a title search on 11 properties abutting Winchester Road. Between 2002 and 2004, the city and county widened and paved Winchester Road. The city’s staff engineer at the time was in charge of the project.

Permanent right of ways should have been recorded after the sale of 18 properties along the road.

However, the County informed the city there was record of permanent right of ways for just seven of the 18 easements. The title search will cost an estimated $1,000 per property.

• Approved change of phone service from AT&T to Sunflower Broadband

• Approved the final plat of the new elementary school

• Rejected a request by the Downtown Eudora Business Association to close Main Street for a Halloween event. They will instead provide crossing guards at the intersections of Eighth, Ninth and Tenth streets.

• Approved new court fees for municipal court administration, which allows the city to charge a $5 mailing fee in court costs for mailing a failure to comply letter regarding a traffic citation.

• Approved the amending of Ordinance 887 regarding 501-C status for local organizations.

• Approved a change in the zoning code that will allow minor site plans to be reviewed and approved by staff and not have to be brought to the planning commission. This will expedite the process for small projects.

• Approved a resolution to increase by $150 opening and closing fees at grave sites on Saturdays or Sundays.

• Approved a request to go out to bid with the intent of changing the city employee insurance broker, but not necessarily the employee insurance provider.

• Tabled the donation of 6 light poles and lights to the Methodist Church.


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