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Eudora ACT scores rise

September 4, 2008

Composite ACT scores for Eudora USD 491 class of 2008 improved upon the scores of the class of 2007.

The class of 2008 had an average composite score of 22.4, while the class of 2007 had an average composite score of 22.

The English sub score average for 2008 was 21.9, up from 21.4 in 2007. The math sub score was 21.7 in 2008, down just one tenth from 21.8 in 2007.

This year's results were also higher than those of the state and national averages in all but the math sub score, with the state average at 21.8.

While high ACT scores are a priority for the district, Superintendent Don Grosdidier said they were a refection of solid instruction and student achievement that goes on at every level of the district.

"The scores are indicative of the work put in by all of the people in the district that work together as a team," he said. "It's like the score in a basketball game - the final score doesn't necessarily tell the whole story and the amount of sweat and hard work that took place to get to that outcome."

The scores weren't the only rising numbers associated with the test, as 77 percent of the class of 2008 took the test, compared to 73 percent of the class of 2007 and 67 percent of the class of 2006.


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