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Cooperation key to library’s placement

September 11, 2008

Although it might not be embraced by all in a community paying for a new swimming pool, community center and $45 million in school projects, Eudora needs a new public library.

The current 1976 building is so cramped, its staff was forced to give up its meeting area to expand the children's section - an area that is sure to require more space with Eudora's many young families. The library ranks low in the amount of square-feet per capita among Eudora's peer cities.

The library is funded through Eudora Township. And while it certainly seems fair that the larger township community should contribute to the library, it is equally obvious the responsibility of replacing the library shouldn't fall to the township board alone. It is an issue that can best be solved with the participation of the city and Eudora USD 491, which has already expressed a willingness to discuss the library's needs in the context of its reuse or sale of outdated or soon-to-be outdated structures.

Certainly the city has an interest in the library from a quality-of-life and economic development standpoint. It also plays an important role in the continued viability of downtown.

We understand a new library joins other needs on the community's to-do list. But we do think its time to start discussion on where it fits on the priority list and how the three local jurisdictions can cooperate to move it forward.


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