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County clerk encourages voters to participate in Tuesday’s elections

April 2, 2009

Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew discussed Tuesday’s upcoming city and school district elections and the importance of a strong turnout by Eudora’s 3,817 registered voters.

Polling places according to districts will be:

• District 50 (west Eudora) will vote at the Church of Christ, 1530 Winchester Road

• District 52 (north Eudora) will vote at Eudora City Hall, 4 E. Seventh St.

• District 53 (south Eudora) will vote at the Eudora Township Fire Station, 310 E. 20th St.

• District 54 (central Eudora) will vote at the Eudora Community Center, 1630 Elm St.

Polls will be open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information on voting in Douglas County or to see a sample ballot, visit

Q: How is voter turnout looking for Tuesday’s election?

A: All indications from what we’re seeing from advance voting right now is that the turnout is trending low.

Q: Do these elections typically trend lower than state and presidential elections?

A: Yes, unless there’s something like a bond issue that sparks people to participate where we would usually see a turnout of 15 to 20 percent of registered voters. But when the race is just for city and school, we see a turnout of about 10 to 12 percent

Q: How was voter turnout in 2007?

A: There was an average (across precincts) of about 12 percent, but there weren’t as many voters then. We’re hoping that all of those people who were so excited to participate in November will come out.

Q: Why is it important for voters to take part in this election?

A: We had such a tremendous turnout for November’s national offices. But I think just as many people should be involved because it will impact your life daily more than, say, president — especially in a time like now when budget decision need to be made. The people who are selected will be making all of those decisions.

Q: Brenda Clark dropped out of the Eudora School District Board of Education race but is still on the ballot. What would happen in the event that she gets enough votes to win?

A: The Eudora board of education would appoint her replacement.


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