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5 Questions: Parks and rec ready to roll

April 9, 2009

Eudora Parks and Recreation Director Tammy Hodges is getting ready for spring and summer. On a typical summer day, about 200 to 300 people use the community center, while about 250 people will use the aquatic center.

Q: What are some of your upcoming activities?

A: We’ve got blastball, volleyball, and it’s time to sign up for swimming lessons. We’ve been trying to get our yoga and Pilates classes going for the spring and summer. We’ve got kickboxing, massage therapy — we’re really trying to promote these programs a lot more and try to get registrations a little earlier.

Q: How is the summer program looking for this year?

A: Our summer camp program is completely full. Rose (Balluch) has a full returning crew of teachers and some good high school kids that worked for us last year, and we’ll try to do some new trips. Now that we’ve already got our feet wet, we know a little bit more about what to expect from the kids.

Q: Youth soccer started last week. If someone wanted to get into it but was too late to sign up, what can they do?

A: Any of our ongoing classes (such as drama, gymnastics, or Amanda’s Dance Academy) are open enrollment, but if they wanted to get into soccer, they’ll have to wait until fall because it’s full.

Q: Have your fees helped some of the adult activities grow?

A: We try to keep all of the fees low especially with the way the economy is getting. Softball was successful last year and we finally found a date that worked in the fall. Our men’s basketball league grew this year. And now, people are also looking for the brochure.

Q: In what areas are you trying to improve?

A: We’re really trying to work on the seniors, and we’re starting to see more of them come in to walk now and benefit from the fitness memberships. We also have an arthritis class for seniors coming in with Lisa Foltz and possibly a water exercise instructor who would come in and work with the seniors in the mornings in the pool.


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