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Eudora should be grateful for Pyle’s years of service

April 16, 2009

It’s difficult to think of Eudora city government without Tom Pyle, who served 22 combined years on the Eudora City Council and the last four years as mayor.

In his four years, Pyle’s led a city government that got things done. In his four years, the city built a new swimming pool, community center, upgraded the historic downtown core, and celebrated its sesquicentennial with a statue that will intrigue generations of Eudora residents.

Pyle had the misfortune of taking over the reins of city government just as Eudora’s housing boom started its downward trend to near standstill. That cost the city revenue it had become accustomed to and put on hiatus a proposed tax increment financing district that would have provided much-needed commercial development. The Douglas County Rural Water District No. 4 lawsuit and other outside considerations have delayed development of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital facility that would also have provided.

Misfortune plagued a number of the city’s recent marquee projects during his term, such as the community center and the bad weather that delayed last year’s downtown revitalization.

With that considered, we have more reason to be grateful for Pyle’s leadership, and we certainly owe him thanks for his quarter century service to the community.


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