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Community owes Beatty thanks

April 30, 2009

On the morning after I read about her resigning, I went for a little drive through Eudora. The first thing I passed was our beautiful new recreation center and pool. Driving down Main Street, I came to the CPA Park and, indeed, the entire beautification project that downtown has undergone. The lasting stamp of Cheryl Beatty is upon each. I was privileged to work with Cheryl for the past four years as a member of the Eudora Planning Commission. She was a smart, articulate and driven advocate for what was best for Eudora. She gave tireless hours to our city, even going so far as to jumping on a mower when needed or taking on such tasks as planting flowers and weeding overgrown flower beds. She went above and beyond the job description of what a city administrator is expected to do.

Cheryl was instrumental in getting Lawrence Memorial Hospital to build a facility here near Kansas Highway 10, as well as devoting numerous hours to the new I-70 Interchange that is going in outside Tonganoxie and planning for the greatly increased traffic that it will bring through our city. I venture to guess that she has probably forgotten more than I will ever know or learn about the intricacies of operating a growing city like Eudora.

Councilman Tim Reazin has stated that it will probably take at least six months to bring a new administrator up to speed or what is going on in our town. I suggest that’s optimistic; her knowledge of city business will take a great deal longer to learn.

Cheryl, thank you for the great strides forward that you were so instrumental in for the city of Eudora. We owed you a debt of gratitude, not an acceptance of your resignation. We owed you a substantial raise and a resounding thank you for your dedication to making Eudora a better place. I wish you all the best as you grace another community with your skills and dedication. Wherever you go, that city will be greatly blessed.

P.S. Last Saturday, more than a week after Cheryl had resigned, she was seen planting flowers at the city hall to beautify it for spring. What a class act.

Rose House



berehmer 6 years, 6 months ago

Thank you Rose for such an articulate and spot on letter! Eudora is a better place because of the time and attention of Cheryl. The ground work she has put in place, ensures the future of Eudora is bright. She is leaving our community better than she found it, and I for one am grateful!


madamehatters 6 years, 6 months ago

Thank You Rose! Well said! I did see Cheryl planting those flowers along with many other projects I witnessed her participate in from my Tea Room window. She was a great asset to the community and all the work she put into the downtown businesses. She had great advise and was tremendous help in getting our Downtown Eudora Business Assoication off and going. I think Eudora will miss her more than they know. Bonnie Freeland


Chris Revas 6 years, 4 months ago

Cheryl ruined this town. All she did was spend money that didnt have to be spent. Talk to any city employee, and they will tell you, nobody will miss her.


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