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Short-term solution needed for coming turnpike traffic

February 19, 2009

Earlier this month, the Eudora City Council and Planning Commission met with Douglas County commissioners to consider future routes that would route the increased traffic associated with a new Kansas Turnpike intersection near Tonganoxie around Eudora and its residential and commercial streets.

When presented with maps showing three alternative routes with new bridges over the Wakarusa of bypassing the city to the east, county representatives acknowledged the city and its engineering firm, BG Consultants, were far ahead of it when considering future solutions to the future traffic stemming for the new intersection.

While new maps of extensive bypasses with or without new bridges are important for future planning, there is an obvious immediate need with the new turnpike gate schedule to swing open in November. That is a means to divert the truckers who are sure to discover a time-saving route and much of the increased regular traffic from Eudora streets, many of which like Church Street, are already stressed. Truck traffic and residential streets is a bad combination and putting it on Main Street downtown would defeat everything the renovation there was to gain.

No good route presents itself but certainly some solution needs to be found in the near term before one of the longterm solutions presented at the meeting comes about. If ever there was a project that begs for stimulus dollars, this is it.


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