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Filing deadline nears for council, school board candidates

January 15, 2009

Filings are sparse with less than two weeks remaining before the filing deadlines for this year’s city/school district election, but it appears Eudora will have a race for mayor this spring.

Those who plan to run for mayor of Eudora or one of two open positions on the Eudora City Council must file at Eudora City Hall, 4 E. Seventh St., or the Douglas County Court House, 1110 Massachusetts St. in Lawrence.

Those who plan to run for one of three open positions on the Eudora USD 491 Board of Education must file at the Douglas County Courthouse.

The city council and board of education positions are elected at large — meaning there are no specific seats that are identified by the district they serve. Should five or more candidates file for the city council, a March 3 primary would trim the list to the four candidates receiving the most votes. There would be a primary for mayor if three or more candidates file.

It would take seven or more candidates to force a school board primary.

Candidates for the positions of city council or mayor must live within the city limits of Eudora. Candidates for the board of education must live within the school district.

The city council terms of Bill Whitten and Lori Fritzel will expire and both council members said they are considering running for re-election.

No candidates had filed for election at the time of this report. However, volunteer firefighter Tim Reazin said he plans to run.

Mayor Tom Pyle’s term also is finished, but he said he intends to seek re-election.

Scott Hopson, who is a former councilman, is the only person who has officially filed papers for candidacy. He will run for the position of mayor

The board of education terms of Bob Rice, Brenda Clark and Jim Martin will expire. Rice said he would not seek re-election, and Clark and Martin said they would discuss re-election with each of their families.

Clark had been on the board since 1995, and Martin is finishing his first term.

Rice had served on the board for a total of 20 years, and Grosdidier said he is one of the reasons the district has seen so much success.

“Continuity is extremely important, and Bob has been on the board during a time that has seen a lot of growth in the community and the school district, and a lot of changes in school finance,” he said. “It’s always valuable to have board members who have gone through those experiences and you lose something when you lose somebody who has that type of experience level and has made some very good decisions for the school district.”

Grosdidier said the best board candidates have foresight in the field of education; an open mind when it comes to looking at potential changes; and no individualized agenda.

“The school district is in a very good position now as a result of decisions that have been made for a long, long time. The constant in that has been board members like Bob.”


Angie Miller 6 years, 10 months ago

Man, how horrible is it that Scott Hopson thinks he should be the next Mayor of Eudora. That thought makes my skin crawl......


AlexsKnight 6 years, 9 months ago

Scott Hopson and Bill Whitten have no business in Eudora city government. They're both hot-headed and irrational. We don't need that in the mayor's seat or on the council. It nauseates me everytime I think about it.


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