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Days Gone By

July 2, 2009

July 1997

A fourth mail route was added in Eudora. Pete Neuhaus was hired as the mail carrier. He had served as Danny Abel’s substitute carrier since 1990.

The latest count showed the Eudora community with 2,141 mailing addresses, up almost 500 since route three was added in 1991. Then, the address count was 1,684.

From the Eudora News

July 1974

Finalization of the bond issue for the Eudora Nursing Center and the authorization of its continued construction were transacted at Kaw Valley State Bank along with other business matters.

Among the several transactions, which were agreed upon by the City of Eudora and the Eudora Development Corporation, were the acceptance of the property and proof of title of the property to the City from the corporation. The City and corporation signed a lease agreement for management of the nursing center with authorization to go forward with the construction.

From the Eudora Enterprise

July 1938

• Eudora Rural High School teachers were C.L. Ruthrauff, principal, Mabel E. Campbell, C.J. Olander, Calvin Foreman, Gardner C. Sellers, Helen L. Talbert and Mildred Strube. Grade school teachers were Gilmore Nicholas, principal, Mary Miller, Margaret Coleman and Katherine Dissinger.

• Irene Caviness received word from her father, John Vitt, that he and his crowd were enjoying Yellow Stone Park.

• The Rev. and Mrs. T. Reifschneider and their three children left for a 10-day vacation in the Ozarks.

From the Eudora Weekly News

July 1927

Eudora Township was ranked second with the highest valuation of taxable land in Douglas County. The valuation was $2,516,475. Wakarusa Township ranked first at $3,614,960.

• While returning to his home, Kenneth Bagby was thrown from his pony and broke an ankle. The injured foot was put into a cast.

• George Broers won the first prize in the rock weight-guessing contest at the Eudora Dept. Store. Dave Casteel was second. George’s guess was 52 pounds. He received two suits of underwear. Dave’s guess was 56 pounds. He received one suit of underwear.

• Henry Selzer lost 10 sheep. Wolves got to them and killed four old sheep and half a dozen lambs. Only one was partly eaten. The rest were found with their throats cut.

From the Eudora Weekly News

July 1916

At the semi-annual meeting of directors of the Kaw Valley Bank, a 6 percent semi-annual dividend was declared, besides carrying a nice balance to the undivided profit account.

• Fred Papenhausen was clerking at Pilla’s store again.

• The Eudora Ministerial Alliance arranged Union Open Air services for the summer. A platform and seats were erected north of the schoolhouse for the services.

• Potato digging began. James Roe was the grower to get the first car on the market. He received 64 cents per bushel. The crop averaged 245 bushels to the acre.

• The baseball game between Eudora and Baldwin was a “humdinger,” the town boys winning in the ninth, 4-3, with two out.

From the Eudora Weekly News


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