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5 Questions: Chamber continues Summer in the Park

July 9, 2009

The Eudora Chamber of Commerce will celebrate Summer in the Park from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday in CPA Park.

Chamber president Amy Durkin discussed what the event will feature.

Call 542-1212 for more information or to sign up for the ice cream making contest.

Q: Why do something in the park during the summer?

A: Well, it’s a great location with a nice open area that has a bandstand. Plus, it’s nice to spend some time and bond with your fellow townspeople. It’s also very affordable. You could come and spend nothing, but we’ll also have food vendors such as Jasmin, Gambino’s Pizza.

Q: So what are some of the activities that will be available at this event?

A: Well, there will be music from Spindown, a blow-up castle for kids and a homemade ice cream making contest.

Q: Why did the chamber decide to do an ice cream making contest?

A: I guess because it seemed to fit the small town, old fashioned feel we are shooting for. And it’s also family friendly.

Q: What do people need to do to participate?

A: They can bring their ice cream and just sign up at the event, but we prefer they call us ahead of time. The entry fee is $10 if you sign up ahead of time, or it’s $15 if you sign up at the event.

The grand prize will be half of the total entry fees collected. And for judging, we’ll charge $1 for those who want to judge. You’ll get a judge’s card and a sample of each contestant’s ice cream.

Q: What style of music will be played by Spindown?

A: It’s classic rock/country. It will be songs that most people enjoy and know well enough to sing along.


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