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‘No U-turn’ signs to be posted on Main Street

October 1, 2009

The Eudora City Council at a meeting Monday night approved an ordinance that will make U-turns illegal on Main Street where it intersects with Seventh, Eighth and Ninth streets.

The issue was brought up my councilman Tim Reazin.

“No U-turn” signs will be installed at each intersection, though no timetable was given.

Police Chief Greg Dahlem said it already was illegal to make a U-turn on the section of Main Street that runs through the downtown area because a double yellow line runs down the center of it. When asked if he approved of installing the signs, he noted that he brought the same issue to the council about six years ago but it was met with resistance.

In other actions, the council:

• Recognized interim city administrator Mike Wildgen for the time he served with the city.

The meeting marked the last time Wildgen’s would serve in such a capacity, as John Harrenstein will begin his first day as full-time city administrator on Thursday.

The council thanked Wildgen for his work and Wildgen, in turn, thanked the council for the opportunity to serve.

• Directed the city administrator and the codes administrator to report to the council on findings regarding the adoption of up-to-date building codes.

Construction in the city currently is being regulated by codes from 1994. Wildgen said the city should update those codes.


Chris Revas 6 years, 1 month ago

GREAT, just more ways to make people drive around the block thru residental areas! Whats wrong with making a u-turn in a 20mph speed limit area? Its been this way for years, so no why does Greg feel that it is a problem? Downtown is NOT busy! Eudora police dept is a joke along with therest of the city operations.


Driftenby 6 years, 1 month ago

That's what two solid yellow lines in the street mean. Go back to your drivers manual


Chris Revas 6 years, 1 month ago

I agree. Two solid lines do mean you arent supossed to cross. What they are talking about are the intersections. There is no double line in the intersections and most of them arent big enough anymore to even make a u-turn. So why do we need more signs to trash the place up? Eudora already has to many signs along its roads.


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