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25-year teaching vet continues to progress

October 29, 2009

One might think that someone who has been doing the same job for 25 years could easily end up in a rut. Such is not the case for Eudora Middle School science teacher Dan Kuhlman, who was named the Eudora Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Month for October.

“He’s a teacher’s teacher,” EMS Principal Richard Proffitt said. “The amount that he cares about the kids carries over into everything that he does. He constantly wants to learn and he wants to change and adapt what he’s doing to meet the style of learning that his kids have.”

Kuhlman didn’t fall into teaching immediately after college, as he spent his first seven postgraduate years working with Christian youth organization Campus Life.

After receiving a master’s degree in science education from Kansas University in 1984, Kuhlman found his way to the Eudora School District and has been there since.

“I’ve worked with youth my entire life,” Kuhlman said. “I guess the inquisitive nature of kids and being around them in this setting fuels me.”

His interactions with students don’t end in the classroom, as he coaches the Eudora High School cross-country team and also leads the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Kuhlman said receiving the teacher of the month award was a pleasant affirmation of a job well done from his peers, as well as the businesses that contribute to the awards.

“It feels good just to be nominated and have other teachers say, ‘we think you’re deserving of this award,’” he said. “It’s humbling to get these awards and it’s also neat to see the community get behind it.”

Kuhlman also gave credit to the school district and said it made his job much more enjoyable.

Such humble sentiments came as no surprise to Proffitt, as Kuhlman had asked to have his name removed from consideration for any awards.

“He doesn’t want recognition for what he does,” Proffitt said. “He just wants to do it because it’s right to do and it’s his job. I’ve pulled his name from awards before, but I just think you have to give credit where credit is due.

“He’s one of the finest teachers that we’ve got and I’m happy for him that he’s being recognized for the job that he does.”


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