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Eudora needs to develop a spooky past

September 24, 2009

It seemed like the minute swimming pools closed for the season, I started seeing sales promotions for Halloween. It could be just the conditioning from a childhood of reading spooky stories or perhaps there is something honestly unsettling about fall with wind whistling through bare limbs and dead vegetation, but I too feel the Halloween spirit as the leaves start to turn, the shadows lengthen in the afternoons and the air chills.

Or perhaps I'm just responding to the constant emails I receive about ghost tours in such places as Leavenworth, Atchison, Topeka and Kansas City, Kan. They're apparently the thing now, growing from the popularity of those TV shows that attempt to convince us they found the supernatural through electromagnetic readings or scratchy voice recordings.

For my part, I am as anxious to seek out a ghost in the fall as I am to chase a tornado in the spring.

But the tours do have one thing going for them, and that’s an important trait of hauntings. They have to have history. So part of the appeal of the ghost tours is going to the historic homes the spirits must have such a difficult time leaving. That’s why they are in such places as Leavenworth, Atchison and Topeka and not Overland Park or Prairie Village. What kind of ghost haunts the suburbs? That’s zombie turf.

It’s an opportunity for Eudora. We already have the screaming spirit of Weaver Bottoms and the ghost in the recording studio downtown and there are still lots of untapped historic homes.

With some creative thinking and flexible imagination applied, perhaps Eudora could become a can’t miss stop on the annual ghost tours.


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