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Kansas House soundly rejects plan to avert steep budget cuts
11:11 a.m., June 11, 2015 Updated 12:45 p.m.
Kansas faced the prospect of deep cuts to schools, prisons and other programs Thursday after the Republican-controlled House soundly rejected a proposal supported by Gov. Sam Brownback that would hike sales and cigarette taxes to close a budget deficit.
Wheat harvest gears up in south-central Kansas
June 10, 2015
The grain elevator in Kiowa is reporting that it has gotten its first truckloads of winter wheat from this year’s harvest.
Kansas governor signs bill limiting sex predator appeals
June 10, 2015
Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill putting new limits on appeals by sex offenders committed indefinitely to a state treatment program.
Kansas schools, colleges, hospitals would feel sting of cuts
June 10, 2015
Kansas schools could be forced to increase class sizes, and state universities and hospitals would lose funding under spending cuts that a top aide to Gov. Sam Brownback says are likely if legislators don’t increase taxes to avert a budget shortfall.
Preliminary data has 99 tornadoes reported in Kansas in May
June 9, 2015
Preliminary data shows storms that hit Kansas in May prompted reports of 99 tornadoes in the state.
Report: More winter wheat headed as harvest nears
June 9, 2015
The latest government snapshot of farm crops across Kansas reflects the wet conditions across much of the state.
Court dismisses union’s lawsuit over Kansas law on tenure
June 9, 2015
A Shawnee County court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state’s largest teachers’ union over a new state law that ended guaranteed tenure for public school teachers.
Kansas budget chief lays out possible cuts
June 9, 2015
Kansas would likely be forced to lay off prison guards, cut aid to public schools and reduce payments to health care providers and nursing homes if legislators don’t increase taxes, Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget director told GOP lawmakers Monday.
Kansas lawmakers may resume talks on increasing taxes
June 9, 2015
Kansas legislators may resume negotiations over raising taxes to close a budget shortfall amid warnings about potential spending cuts from a top adviser to Gov. Sam Brownback.
Topeka woman killed when bicycle hit by truck
June 8, 2015
The head of the Washburn University art department died when her bicycle was hit by a pickup truck in Crawford County.
Kansas corn check off to increase to 1 cent per bushel
June 8, 2015
The Kansas corn check off rate will increase to 1 cent per bushel beginning July 1.
Kansas House faces vote on raising taxes to balance budget
June 8, 2015
Kansas House members could balance the next state budget by approving a plan to boost sales and cigarette taxes after the Republican supermajority in the Senate overcame deep divisions to pass the measure.
Kansas governor signs bills changing state election laws
09:25 a.m., June 8, 2015 Updated 10:22 a.m.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed bills to change the timing of many local elections and to give the secretary of state the power to prosecute election fraud cases.
Kansas City reaches deal to create ‘Smart City’ network
June 7, 2015
Kansas City and two companies have reached an agreement to create a $15.7 million set of high-tech services along the 2.2-mile downtown streetcar line that’s expected to be operating next year.
Kansas lawmakers draft new plan to raise taxes to fix budget
June 7, 2015
Kansas legislators on Sunday drafted a new plan for raising taxes to close a budget shortfall, adding a few sweeteners to proposals the Senate had found unappetizing.
Ample rainfall helps wheat crop as harvest nears
June 7, 2015
Ample rainfall in the past few weeks has helped much of the Kansas wheat crop recover as this season’s harvest nears.
Archaeologists from across US searching for Kansas artifacts
June 4, 2015
Archaeologists from across the United States are in south-central Kansas this week searching for artifacts that would confirm a five-mile stretch once was home to a Native American tribe of 20,000 people.
Kansas House passes budget requiring higher taxes to balance
June 4, 2015
The Kansas House approved a $6 billion budget Wednesday that would still leave the state with a $406 million shortfall, while the Senate prepares to vote on a rival proposal that would close the gap through massive spending cuts.
Kansas lawmakers to resume talks over proposed tax increases
June 4, 2015
Kansas legislators plan to resume negotiations over proposals for raising taxes to close a projected state budget shortfall.
Some Kansas regions report near record rainfall in May
June 2, 2015
To no one’s surprise, some Kansas areas reported near record amounts of rain for the month of May.