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Food Q&A: Opening winter squash doesn’t have to be difficult
October 24, 2012
After hiding all that flavor and those nutrients inside them, nature certainly didn’t make hard-shell squashes easy to open.
Food: Offal gets gourmet treatment at trendy eateries
October 15, 2012
Animal brains, glands, tails, intestines, feet and other organs are nothing new at many ethnic eateries. But the oft-spurned meat parts known as offal have made their way into some of the area’s hippest mainstream restaurants, where chefs say foodies and more timid diners alike seem to be nibbling.
Food: Pear crisp takes on fall spice
October 10, 2012
Ground cardamom gives this simple fall-friendly crisp a sweet-spicy flavor that you will smell as much as taste.
Food: Carrot soup is creamy, smoky
October 10, 2012
With its robust blend of sweet, creamy, spicy and smoky flavors, this soup is perfect for a chilly fall afternoon.
Food: Nature at work on honeybee farm
October 3, 2012
Buzzing bees blanket the tray of honeycomb in Richard Bean’s bare hands. At close range, their striped abdomens and delicate wings are visible in detail. After 40 years of keeping bees, Bean still marvels at them.
Food: Will new law water down Kansas wines?
September 26, 2012
Little-known fact: Even though your wine came from a Kansas winery doesn’t necessarily mean it has many — or any — Kansas grapes in it.
Tonganoxie resident’s barbecue team coming to a TV near you
September 14, 2012
Truebud BBQ teammates Tim Grant of Tonganoxie and Boyd Abts of Eudora announced this week they’ll be one of three Kansas City area teams appearing on Season 4 of BBQ Pitmasters.
Food: Area farm’s hydroponic lettuce growing in popularity
September 12, 2012
Two Sisters Farm is the only commercial farm in the area specializing in hydroponics, or soilless growing, and their lettuce has been catching on around Lawrence and Johnson County since their first harvest this spring.
Food: Complex barbecue flavors, easy recipe
September 12, 2012
A few years ago I created a recipe for a killer barbecue sauce. It was exactly the way I like it — thick, rich, a lot savory, a little sweet and bursting with cumin, smoked paprika and so many other delicious seasonings.
Tortellini masquerade as croutons in a robust Caesar
September 5, 2012
After several years of “green is evil” behavior by my son, I recently — finally! — managed to persuade him to try Caesar salad.
Food: Compulsive smokers — Quest for perfection propels area barbecue team to top of national ranks
August 29, 2012
For Truebud BBQ team members, meticulousness is as much their signature as their secret rib seasoning, and it’s helped propel them to the elite ranks of the country’s top competition barbecue teams.
Food: Fresh recipes bring apples out of autumn, into August
August 22, 2012
Apples may be early this year, but there’s no reason to rush these fall favorites into their signature cool-weather dishes. Chilled desserts and bright ingredients help bring apples out of autumn and into the light lunches, cookouts and 90-degree days of August.
Food: Apple crops arrive early, but drought makes for dicey harvest
August 22, 2012
With many buyers just beginning to realize it’s apple time, Ernie Richardson’s Gala crop has already come and gone. Following the lead of early summer stone fruits and most other produce this year, northeast Kansas apples are arriving one to four weeks early. The size and quality of early crops also varies.
Food: Lemon grass brightens Asian, American favorites alike
August 15, 2012
It may look and sound like a weed, but lemon grass actually is one of the most important ingredients in Southeast Asian cooking.