Sebelius’ nomination compliment to state
March 5, 2009
On Monday, President Barack Obama named Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius his nominee for secretary of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Although she must still be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, those in the state she is leaving behind and who twice elected her governor by comfortable margins are left to wonder if we should feel jilted or honored. The answer is probably a little of both.
NOAA radios should be in every Kansas home
February 26, 2009
The start of March begins another severe-weather season in Kansas. It is time again to remind ourselves of long-learned basics. But, for those households without one, with that review should be a vow to invest in a NOAA or weather radio.
Letters: School board questioned
February 26, 2009
I ask the Eudora USD 491 Board of Education one simple question. Who do you think your fooling ?
Short-term solution needed for coming turnpike traffic
February 19, 2009
Earlier this month, the Eudora City Council and Planning Commission met with Douglas County commissioners to consider future routes that would route the increased traffic associated with a new Kansas Turnpike intersection near Tonganoxie around Eudora and its residential and commercial streets.
Candidates put ball in voters’ court
February 5, 2009
Candidate response to the spring Eudora City Council/USD 491 Board of Education election was nothing short of overwhelming. With five candidates filing for two council seats and seven vying for the 3 expiring seats on the board, the city’s voters will go to the polls in the April 7 general election that will also include a contest for Eudora mayor.
New format mix of old, new
February 5, 2009
As you read this week’s edition of The Eudora News, you are reminded again that change is inevitable.
Renewable energy proposals deserving despite coal debate
January 15, 2009
The memory of last summer’s fuel and energy price spikes has made long-promised comprehensive energy policies one of the issues in vouge. President-elect Barack Obama has promised such a policy. In Kansas, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius offered her plan last week.
Blood drive a success
January 15, 2009
The Eudora Lions Club sponsored blood drive in conjunction with Community Blood Center on Monday, Jan. 12 was very successful.
Rudeness honest mistake
December 31, 2008
Misreading signs leads to misunderstandings
District promise of openness key in tough times
December 31, 2008
The Eudora USD 491, so fortunate in so many ways in recent years, has had its share of misfortune of late just as it embarked on projects approved in the $45 million bond issue district voters approved last year
Wall’s razing opportunity for downtown
December 18, 2008
A quick tour of downtown Eudora is likely to produce disappointment as construction awaits the melting of snow that covers piles of dirt and materials and unfinished work sites. But amid all that is one bright spot. The leaning wall with its barricades and bad mural is gone. It has been replaced by a much lower retaining wall of decorative masonry.
Community makes Holiday Auction success
December 18, 2008
On Dec. 2, the local chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority had its first of what is planned to be annual Holiday Auction. The purpose of the auction was to raise funds to assist with local charitable efforts, primarily the adoption of local families in need of assistance with Christmas gifts and meals. Since this was our first auction, we were concerned as to whether or not it would be a success.
Bio-defense lab victory for unity
December 11, 2008
Will unity of Bio-defense victory extent to legislative session
Christmas season provides apologetic attempt at poetry
December 11, 2008
Whimsical verse sets ground for Christmas poem