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Checking out
July 3, 2003
I can think of very few jobs that let a parting employee sound off with a few words of a goodbye sendoff. And that’s exactly what this is.
Accident north of Eudora sends two to hospital, one to jail
January 30, 2003
A Linwood man was arrested Friday after a two-car accident north of Eudora that sent one local resident to the hospital.
Thrifty gifts that give a chuckle, too
December 19, 2002
With the holiday season upon us, undoubtedly there are some who have no clue as to the perfect gift for friends and family. But with an unstable economy, what can one do to fill up the area underneath Old Tannenbaum and still keep on a frugal budget? Here are some gift ideas which may help in the home stretch of holiday shopping.
Why DEET is all the buzz
August 29, 2002
I’ve been bitten by paranoia.
It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world
We’ll get by with a little help from friends (and maybe even strangers)
July 25, 2002
In the summer, more than any other season, the weekend offers much to be desired by the working stiff.
Bad customer service prompts thoughts of boycotts
June 6, 2002
It was once said that there are two things certain in life: death and taxes. It appears as though another certainty can now be added to that list bad customer service.
Traveling, patriotism share unlikely bond
April 4, 2002
A vacation can be a wonderful thing.
News must go on despite Monday malaise
February 21, 2002
It’s 3:33 p.m. It is a Monday. I am about to go insane.
Doing battle with the beer-belly blues
February 14, 2002
Working in The Eudora News office from time to time, the pulsating rhythm of booty-shaking dance music can occasionally be heard seeping through the walls.
Out with the old, in with the 2002
December 27, 2001
Thank goodness, Christmas is over.

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