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Severe weather conditions cause school closings
Nottingham extends hours to make up days
December 28, 2000
City replenishing municipal work force
September 21, 2000
City Superintendent Bill Harlow is steadily replenishing the municipal work force since his job was eliminated, then later reinstated in May by the Eudora City Council.
Super-Sonic effort
A Community gathers to support Brooke
August 31, 2000
Volunteers put the hop in carhop during a fund-raiser at Sonic for a Eudora teen last Thursday.
Software aids in learning process
August 31, 2000
A new learning program will help Eudora students strengthen their academic weakness through the use of computer software.
Beaten by the heat
Middle school cancels classes for two days
August 31, 2000
Despite efforts to stay cool by keeping the Eudora Middle School doors open, the doors will be shut for two days in submission to extreme temperatures.
Teachers give summertime for district improvements, trade rulers for paintbrushes
August 24, 2000
Any volunteers?
New truck lifts community
August 24, 2000
Kick the tires and call in the fires, there’s a new fire truck in town.
Future business leaders cook into new school year
August 24, 2000
The largest nonathletic club at Eudora High School wants to boost its membership numbers, and at the same time reap the benefits returning members will bring to this year’s competitions.
Stuck in the middle
Student-safety issue more than hot air as EMS begins new year
August 24, 2000
Beating the heat at Eudora Middle School is like cooling a car hood with an ice cube on a hot summer day.

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