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Baseball banter proves baffling
July 20, 2006
It’s finally over. The World Cup is done, softball season is over, and baseball season is ending this weekend. What a summer of sports activities. This summer has kept me indulged in the sport I’m most passionate about and in the sports that my kids play. One thing I have realized, as intimately as I know the game of soccer, I have much to learn about the game of baseball and softball.
Americans just don’t understand
June 22, 2006
English use a courtesy
Foreign students expected to have knowledge of language
June 8, 2006
Power of Web can entangle unwary
May 25, 2006
Not too long ago, many people had stacks and stack of books called encyclopedias in their homes. In fact, some people made their living selling these books door to door. These encyclopedias were sometimes prominently displayed as a symbol of stature. They contained a wealth of information that was not available anywhere else. That was until Al Gore invented something called “The Internet.”
Asian immigrants face long process
May 11, 2006
Another way to rein in pump shock
April 27, 2006
Last week as I was reading a Malaysian newspaper online, I came across the headline that indicated gasoline prices would not go up this year. How I wished that would be the case here. The sensitivity that the gas prices are to speculation is beyond my comprehension. I don’t know of any other commodity that fluctuates so much without a reasonable cause.
Where the rubber meets the workload
March 30, 2006
Rubber materials have become a very essential part of our lives in such a way that we have taken them for granted. If you were to ask most people where the rubber material comes from, many would draw a blank. It’s like the joke that’s heard often, “Where does milk come from?”
Rec complex part of the cost of progress
March 16, 2006
When I first moved to Eudora, one of the main topics of conversation was the new swimming pool on the ballot for the voters to decide. For a small community like this to have a nice pool replace the current one seemed almost a no-brainer.
Life Lites
Tolerance needed in shrinking world
March 2, 2006
The United States is probably the most loved, most hated and the probably the most misunderstood country in the world. There are thousands of people around the world who dream of coming here to find the American dream.
Romance a 365-day commitment
February 16, 2006
The meaning of true love is hard to define. Everyone has an idea of what it is and should be. Man’s search for true love knows no bounds. We all have read and heard of countless stories of the things people do in search of this priceless commodity.

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