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Eudora City Council approves water rate increase

I am amazed the article had no mention of the fact the city is paying out several hundred thousand dollars to Rural Water District 4 for the loss of the lawsuit. You know that money is coming out of the water reserve fund.

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Is this numer right ? 46 Acres For a new school

Why ask DCCC. If you don't believe the school district web site, call the state department of education. They will confirm those numbers for you

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Information on City Business

I'm glad you think taxes will be so much cheaper if the bond issue does not pass. All the additional mobile units that will be placed outside to house the students that we do not currently have space for, are not cheap. They have to be bought or rented. The utilities are 2 to 3 times more expensive that a well built permanent structure. Fix old Nottingham, but it won't add 1 square foot of additional space, won't relieve the crowding at the middle school, or provide class or auditorium space at the high school. Won't provide space for Vo-tech students.
As far as the salary issue goes for teachers, it will allow the district to free up money currently being spent on a technology lease to be put back into the general fund that provides money for teacher salary.
Many people gave their time to address this issue at the forums that were held. I was there and did not see you. Why didn't you come at that time and add to discussion instead of throwing around inaccuracies and personal opinions at this time.

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