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Eudora High football stadium proposal moves forward

Those are really good points.
Well what I don't think is fair, is that some kids live in Eudora and don't go to school here so their parents are paying for a football stadium that is completely no use to them whatsoever. That's some BS

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Eudora High football stadium proposal moves forward

Of course sports for some wins over education for all.
All of our parent's taxes are getting raised and once again we're getting cheated out of our money. We can afford a football field that is $600,000 OVER budget but not teacher's jobs and supplies that we need for school and we're cutting programs. Wake up. We're NOT Johnson County:)

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Parenting class

You think our parents don't know how to do their jobs?

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Staff say losing reading positions at EMS would be a setback for all subjects

Yep! Huge setback because its funny how we can afford all that we are now such as a new football stadium, instead of teacher's positions. Yep that is so ironic.

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USD 491 sets stage for big decisions

Yeah they never follow through with what they say so we should be used to the disappointment by now!

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District moving forward with stadium

One more thing-
Lets say a kid can't get a ride to a sporting event that is taking place at that new stadium. So they have to walk all that way, over the bridge on to church street which is probably the most busy street in Eudora! Whats gonna happen when more accidents occur because of the location of this new stadium? The location for it now is fine and I think its safe to say that a lot of kids and teenagers walk to these sporting events. I think the rate of accidents would shoot wayyyyy up

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Eudora Middle School students use Valentine’s Day to raise money for Haiti

The cause is great but are you all sure that it's not to make up for this town wasting money?

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District moving forward with stadium

I honestly can't believe this. I may only be 14 but I think that is absolutely ridiculous. I have no clue how Mr. Grosdidier can sit there and say "oh lets build a new stadium." He of all people should know that we've had budget cuts, and for crying out loud some really great teachers could possibly be getting laid off! That wasteland comment is so right! We have a perfectly good one at laws field and with all thats going on, nobody should even worry about this new stadium until we're out of debt! Its very, very sad that you can afford a new stadium and yet, you have to lay off really good teachers. Good job dealing with the money factor. (Sarcasm doesn't transfer well through text, so by that I meant HORRIBLE JOB:)

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