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Staff say losing reading positions at EMS would be a setback for all subjects

I read about how the school board is considering to build a new stadium over budget with tax increases and now this article how they are considering cutting reading and math instructors. Raising taxes to build a new stadium while cutting teacher positions would send a bad message to me and others about the priorities of this school board. Providing a quality education to our students is more important than building a new stadium.

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USD 491 sets stage for big decisions

I find the thought of even thinking of building a new stadium over budget while at the same time doing significant cuts that affect core programs insane. My children have had their field trips cancelled and my daughter might be affected if the reading positions in her middle school are cut and class size increased. I expect there to be continued cuts in USD 491's budget next year as revenue projections continue to fall below forecasts. Playing football and soccer in a new stadium is not as important as learning to read!

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