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‘No U-turn’ signs to be posted on Main Street

I agree. Two solid lines do mean you arent supossed to cross. What they are talking about are the intersections. There is no double line in the intersections and most of them arent big enough anymore to even make a u-turn. So why do we need more signs to trash the place up? Eudora already has to many signs along its roads.

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Does it worry you that another store has gone out of business in Eudora?

Just goes to show how many people who live in Eudora, dont purchase anything in Eudora. All they do is live here and fill up the schools with their kids. But they shop in LAwrence or Overland Park.

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‘No U-turn’ signs to be posted on Main Street

GREAT, just more ways to make people drive around the block thru residental areas! Whats wrong with making a u-turn in a 20mph speed limit area? Its been this way for years, so no why does Greg feel that it is a problem? Downtown is NOT busy! Eudora police dept is a joke along with therest of the city operations.

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Will you attend the CPA Picnic?

I agree. I havent seen ANY advertisements about it. Heck, they used to post flyers in every store window around town. Atleast two-three weeks before.

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Community owes Beatty thanks

Cheryl ruined this town. All she did was spend money that didnt have to be spent. Talk to any city employee, and they will tell you, nobody will miss her.

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Do you think the speed limit in front of the new elementary school should be lowered?

NO, the speed limit should not be lowered. Put up a "school zone" speed limit. No reason to lower the speed limit when there are no kids at school. Eudora always wants to lower speed limits. There are no roads in and out of town, except east 10st to move traffic. When police cheif Dahlem lowered the speed limit on Church street, that was a huge mistake. Why not use a school zone? That whole road does NOT need to be 30mph.

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Eudora church fire ruled accidental

The last paragraph should have the Township dept listed first. This location is NOT in the city fire area. Respect should be given to the correct responding station.

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Kwik shop gas prices

"greenman" and others, are the BIGGEST wimps I have every seen! Greenman, I would love to meet you in person.

November 13, 2007 at 8:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kwik shop gas prices

Ok people, saw in Lawrence this mouring, the Kwik shop at 23rd & harper was $2.99/gal. The Eudora shop was $3.09/gal. I called the Eudora manager, and she told me that in no way was her store going to change to $2.99. Its only 5 miles between the two stations and the same truck fills both tanks. Now you tell me that people in Eudora are not being ripped off! Ten cents per gallon is a big difference since so many people go to LAwrence atleast once a day. So, Eudora is not getting this business.

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Well it was a close one....

"greenman" is just insane!

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