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Delaying rate increases not a good thing

good question? wasnt it in the newspaper? if not we have a right to know why we now have a police chief we do not want

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

I hope you slap such a suit against the Eudora Police Dept. that they will never recover. I have lived here a long time and i can honestly say that it probably was a combination of race and just plain old fashioned bullying. I can also say, honestly, that some police officers have been known to skirt the truth, practice favortism and not take complaints seriously if you are not in their good graces. so go get them kid...someday they will learn that they are not above the law; they are the law and therefore they should be held to a higher standard. its a shame that most of them on the force do not understand this. this does not apply to all of them, of course because the force does have a few good, honorable men who truly do try to make a difference in their community. But for some I have to wonder, how they are able to live the lie they do, how they can beleive you are guilty until you are proven innocent and worse, how after taking an oath, they continue to live the lie. and not know the difference.
its a sad state and i hope something good and positive comes from this.
good luck

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What do you think about a proposed ban on smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars and workplaces?

im a smoker but agree on the ban; other people, especially children should not be subjected to my bad habit when they are out eating or rying to enjoy themselfs. and i too do not like the government involved in our personal lifes or decisions..thats why i am also for gay marriage, a womans right to an abortion, and the practicing of the faith you beleive in even if it is different than mine, as long as it isnt hurting anyone.
thats what our country is founded on right? and as far as i know this still is the good old U S of A
Ja'ny Besser

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