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Eudora evens record at 1-1 with win over St. James

Congrats on the victory Cards!!!! I wish the story was from the Cardinal prespective.

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Eudora High football stadium proposal moves forward

Wait until we have to redo Church St. to allow for the influx of traffic and the hospital----You ain't seen nuthin yet!! The money in the bond ,I guess,had to be used or lost.So, the school board felt they had to go ahead with the stadium.I cannot seem to spend more money than I have but,everyone wants to spend my money for me. I don't know about the rest of you but my wallet is low and I have to live with what I have and they will deceide later if they will up taxes???? I personally would like to know now. AND,how much luck will they have selling Laws Field for what it's worth ?. Could they not have waited til the market got better? Will they sell to someone that will run our small business' out of business? Has any business inquired about it and offered an amount? Maybe they have and that helped the board vote.

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St. James' rally falls short against Eudora

The reporters for the paper were let go and obviously the newspaper reporting on St. James is what we get. Unless a parent or teacher submits the story we will have what we have from another source. The JW is at least still putting it on our newspaper page.

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USD 491 sets stage for big decisions

I just got a call from LJWorld and as of this Thur. Eudora news will no longer be printed or delivered. That is expected because of costs but ,There is barely any news in LJW about your kids sports and definitely not a personal glimpse of the individuals. Little notables our paper printed will be unnoticed in LJW. I always felt a paper kept us all connected and up to date----I guess we are losing touch .

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USD 491 sets stage for big decisions

I remember when the bond for the new school was being discussed it was told to the voters that the stadium would be the last on the list and if we could afford it we would do it. There was no talk of increasing taxes to pay for the stadium.When do we hold you at your word?My back is already burdened and I am not the only one I'm sure!

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Kwik shop gas prices

I will say that since C&S has the sister store in Baldwin the prices are really getting competitive. I look over all the ads and determine where I shop but, C&S is having alot of great prices of late and I will shop them for alot more now than before. It makes me happy when I can buy from them and it saves gas too.

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Well it was a close one....

One hundred voices is better than one. I was calling last year and seeing nothing done has lead me to conclude that they wanted the chaos.A resourse officer was also on the school grounds last year and nothing was done. I even asked the principal for a crosswalk on Elm St. He knew how much the study would cost to warrant one but obviously they did not want to spend the money on it. All this has lead me to believe they wanted the chaos.

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Well it was a close one....

It is suppossed to be chaotic. Just like the officer that SOMETIMES parks on Elm as school is letting out and does not do anything. Seriously, parents need to be a little more on time so they nor the kids have to rush.

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Well it was a close one....

Greenman, I voted no and I have a clear conscience of my reasons for doing so. I find it absurd that you try to joke about our town and it shows that you are trying to interject the school bond vote into the forum. The posters who have brought up the for sale signs are not blaming it on the vote, they are just noticing that the economy is starting to hit home. Don't try to be the comic relief because we all know your agenda.You are the number 1 yes man and do a good job of selling yourself to the forum. Do us all a favor and run for a city office position if you have the answers and bring the retail here.But, on your way to the city do not forget the majority of the community might not get out and vote for a person that takes light of their plight.

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Verizon Wireless Issues in Town

I have heard if you live close to the police station your service can be spotty due to their eqiptment.

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