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How Much School Tax on Your Home $$$$$$$$$

I heard about the Post Office to Nottingham also and it is a logical choice. So, that will cause extreme street improvements on Church St. Lets say you want to hit K-10 to go East---You'll have to deal with large mail trucks on Church to get to the ramp. If we choose to go East on 10th St. to get to K-10(if it passes) you will probably have a lower speed limit for the new school. Sounds like a person should not be in a hurry to get to K-10.

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Here is your chance!

Moneywatch, U are right. It is the size of the bond and all that it covers that is the problem. I found it interesting when I read the high school paper, The Cardinal, how 2 students wrote a no version and a yes version. The no version actually had an original thought where the yes version was Kobza's version. It is all in how we listen to the piper. You can pick a copy up at C&S customer service desk. Sometimes people find it easier to go with the flow. I have found , in my many years, that the flow is not always the way to go. We should question and we should hear both sides and we have the right to choose. As I 've said before I have to vote my conscience and pocketbook and I vote NO.

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Here is your chance!

I live near the football field and during nice weather alot of people walk to the stadium. Old and young and it sends a message when you see them--This town loves their football field being accessible to all.

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Just the facts

We are ranked with the conditions we have in place!? How could that be? I am very proud of our students and the teachers are OUTSTANDING!!! It is nothing against either if a voter chooses to vote against the bond. I have to vote my conscious and my pocketbook. I would love to see Eudora get alot of the city issues fixed before we build a new school. We can save and plan better so we are not building every few years.The buildings that were built previously also were built using numbers of enrollment increases and the numbers LIED!!!. Or, we just built enough to get by. Do we just want to build enough to get by again? Let's plan better.

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Run Down Town

If there is a big enough need for clean-up, why don't we work on it together. Let's don't label the neighborhoods as "low income" heck we could all be that pretty soon!! Let's start by posting the addresses and taking a look at the properties then figure out how we can get it cleaned up. There are those of us with trucks and trailers-that could haul. Some of us can load. I'd like to find a way to get this stuff picked up for little or no cost-some place to dump it. Some junk has been there for years and I imagine the homeowners might feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. Church groups and scouts could be alot of help. Getting the word out and getting the volunteers is the first step.

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Run Down Town

It's noticeable all over town. My main issue are the number of cars in yards and some have been there for years (according to plates on them). If the home owners do not have a permit for a junk yard then the car needs to be removed. Sell it for scrap! Cars in yards could impede emergency workers ( fire trucks, utility workers) It is a problem but there are NO ordinances to help. I say, take pictures, record addresses, document and then give it to the council. If enough complain then maybe the ordinance Cheryl is working on will get written.

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Run Down Town

To answer your question--Call Cheryl and tell her your complaint and she will tell you how to proceed.

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Run Down Town

Suppossedly there are no yard ordinances to enforce. Been there done that! My neighbors and I have been trying to get something done for 2 years about a yard and NO DICE. I do no think anyone is asking for a perfect yard (mine isn't) just a decent looking yard. People need to throw their excess trash away. People need to start parking cars on the street(not in yards) and if they do not run--junk em! I guarantee if you drive up and down the sts. and up and down the alleys, you will not have a problem counting 20 plus cars in yards.

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Is this numer right ? 46 Acres For a new school

dad3kids--- each household can only stretch their money so far. I am right there with ya! Plain simple logic at this time is the only way to go.

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Trash cans??

E Kim Noselo, The beautiful blue trash cans are $13.00 a month and if you get a 2nd one it will be $3.00 xtra. So for a bargain price of $16.00 you can have 2 big blue trash cans. One at $13.00 equals 3 gallons of milk at C&S price.
We are gonna make do with one. I am really serious about condensing the trash and was glad that Weldon addressed that in the paper last week. I cut up or tear all paper and so far we have extra room in the can. I'll be excited when the recycle bins open so I can haul my recyclables there and save the room. SO, let's hear it for the $13.00 !!!!. I am being sarcastic--I really hate the added cost but I'm willing to pay and they do look better than all the assorted cans. We are beautifing and drinking less milk.

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