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Eudora’s plan for growth compromised by proposed park

April 27, 2000

Eudora's future growth rests on a handful of pending issues:

Additional commercial development, which would ease the burden of taxpayers, who currently are being asked to pay for such growth.

The construction of a third K-10 on-ramp onto K-10, currently being considered by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The annexation of land to the west.

More single-family housing developments, which would continue to feed the economy.

None of these issues is aided by the addition of a proposed 140-acre manufactured home park. In fact, if the park being proposed by developer Tom Horner Jr., was becomes a reality, it could single-handedly set back Eudora's growth.

Eudora Council member Dan Gregg is right when he says Horner's proposal would throw Eudora's plans for the future "out the window."

Horner's hopes of bringing in 400 to 500 lots for manufactured homes a.k.a., mobile homes is a contradiction to everything the city is trying to accomplish in the coming years. The land Horner has in mind is set to be annexed by the city for commercial use. Annexing land for a mobile-home park would be a fruitless venture.

Strike one.

KDOT has indicated it is more apt to approve funding for the aforementioned K-10 exit west of town if the land bordering the highway is used for commercial development.

Horner should consider that strike two.

And then there's the matter of perception. Motorists traveling through Eudora would be greeted by 140 acres of mobile homes not exactly the up-and-coming type of vision the chamber of commerce would be successful selling to a prospective business owner or homebuyer.

Strike three.

Horner should save himself the effort and quit before he starts. He can call it a manufactured home community, which sounds a whole lot nicer than a trailer park.

The bottom line is what he's proposing is not in Eudora's best interest now or for the future.

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