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Eudora 4-H members fare well at fair

August 17, 2000

Here is the list of Eudora 4-H Club members and their respective performances at the recent Douglas County Fair.

Emily Ballock
Arts and Craftsfour blues, red; Clothing Construction Modelingreserve champion (9-11-year-olds), two purples, blue; Clothing Construction, three purples; Clothing Buymanship Modelingthree purples; Clothing Buymanship, three purples; Window Displayblue; Foodspurple, two blues, red; Flowerstwo purples, five blues, red; Beefblue.

Justin Ballock
Hand Petsreserve champion, purple; best decorated cage, blue; most enhanced cage environment, blue; most unusual pet, blue, most colorful pet, blue; Clothing Buymanshipthree blues; Clothing Buymanship Modelinggrand champion 7-8-year-olds, two purples, blue; Woodworkingpurple, blue, red; Electricityblue, red; Rocketrytwo blues; Arts and Craftsthree purples, two blues; Foodstwo blues, red; Bale Throwing Contest, fourth (8-11-year-olds); Bucket Calfblue.

Megan Ballock
Clothing Constructionthree purples; Clothing Construction Modelingreserve champion (9-11-year-olds), three purples; Clothing Buymanship Consultation Judgingthree purples; Clothing Buymanship Modeling, two purples, blue; Window Displayblue; Arts and Crafts, two purples, four blues; Foodsthree purples, four blues, red; Bale Throwing Contest, first (12 and under).

Samantha Box
Clothing Constructionblue; Clothing (Educational Exhibit)grand champion, purple; Food Preservationpurple, blue, two reds; Cookingtwo blues, red; Gift Basketblue; Arts and Craftstwo blues, red; Horticulturetwo blues, five reds, white; Forestryblue; Woodworkingred; Electricalgrand champion, purple; Readingblue; Wildlifered; Heifer Beef Projectblue; Rabbits (Showmanship)red; County-wide Horticulture Judging participant; County-wide Photography Judging Contestsixth; Cat Showgrand champion, purple.

Whitney Box
Clothing Constructionblue; Clothing (Educational Exhibit)purple; Food Preservationpurple, two blues, red; Foodsblue, two reds; Gift Basketpurple; Arts and Craftstwo blues, red, white; Horticulturepurple, three blues, four reds, four whites; Horticulture (Educational Exhibit)grand champion, purple; Forestryblue; Project Display Notebookreserve champion, purple; Bucket Calfblue, champion (9-10-year-olds), took third in class overall; County-wide Horticulture Judging Contestninth; Cat Showpurple.

Chase Brecheisen
Purchased Garment for Young Menpurple, blue (modeling), blue, red (consultation); Food Preparationred; Arts and Craftsblue; Market Lambblue; Bucket Calf, blue.

Jessica Brecheisen
Purchased Garment for Young Womenthree blues (modeling); reserve champion, purple, blue, red (consultation); Food Preparationpurple; Arts and Craftsblue; Photographyred; Market Lambblue.

Hannah Brunton
Foodsblue, two reds, white; Arts and Craftspurple, three blues.

Molly Brunton
Foodsthree reds, white; Arts and Craftsthree blues, red.

Julie Carden
HorsesWestern Showmanship, blue; Hunt Seat Pleasure red; Hunt Seat Equitation, white; Western Horsemanship, red; Western Pleasure, white; Trail, red; Pole Bending, red; Barrel Racing, purple; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Suffolk (Market Lamb)blue.

Alex Cox
Introduction Geologyreserve grand champion, purple; Forestryblue; Horticulturepurple, six blues, nine reds, white; Rocketryred; Bucket Calfblue; Level I Photography Contestfirst place; Level I Livestock Judging Contest, first place and Ron Wiltfong Memorial Encouragement Award.

Jacob Cox
Bucket Calfreserve grand champion; Forestrypurple, grand champion; Introductory Geologypurple, grand champion; Horticulturepurple, five blues, 13 reds, white.

Mary Cox
Flowerstwo purples, three blues, two reds, white; Horticulturethree purples, five blues, 16 reds, two whites; Garden Displayreserve champion, blue; Horticulture (Educational Exhibit)reserve champion, blue; Horticulture Judging Contestfirst place overall; Geologypurple, grand champion; Bucket Calfblue.

Lacy Deathe
Beef(Simmental) Jr. Yearling Heifers, reserve champion; Aged Females, blue; Get of Sire, blue; Produce of Dam, blue; Market Steers, champion; Crossbred and AOB Market Steersfirst blue (heavyweight class); Hand Pets and CatsIndoor Cats, blue; Hand Pets, reserve grand champion; best decorated cage, purple; most unusual pet, purple; most colorful pet, purple; Arts and Craftstwo purples, blue; Photography (color)blue; Foodsthree reds.

Melissa Emery
Swine Showmanship Level Iblue; Market HogDurac, red; Hampshire, blue; Showmanship Sheep Level Iblue; Crossbred and Market Lamb, blue; Suffolk Market Lamb, blue.

Misty Emery
Swine Showmanshipreserve champion; Market HogDurac, red; Crossbred, blue; Showmanship Sheep Level Igrand champion, blue; Suffolk Market Lamb, blue; Feeder Market Lamb, blue.

Eudora 4-H Club

Kari Hadl
Clothingpurple, blue; Purchased Clothingreserve champion, purple (9-11-year-olds); Style Revuepurple, two blues; Foodstwo purples, two blues; Recyclingblue; Sheepblue; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Horticulturetwo purples, blue, three reds.

Chad Hale
Beef Showmanshipblue, red.

Blaine Hamilton

Ashley Harrell
Arts and Craftsthree purples; Cooking For Funred; BeefCrossbred Steer, first blue; Simmental Steer, fifth blue; SheepBreeding Ewe, blue.

Kellian Harrell
Arts and Craftspurple; Cooking For Funpurple; Foods (Level II)blue; Clothingblue; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Sheep (Market Lamb)two blues.

Ann Heschmeyer
Foodstwo purples, two blues; Electricalchampion, purple; A Way With Wastetwo blues, three reds.

Sarah Heschmeyer
Foodstwo purples, blue; Crochetchampion (Level II), reserve grand champion, three purples; A Way With Wastetwo blues, red; Place Settingpurple.

Carrie Lister
Purchased Itemblue; Purchased Item Modelingblue; Clothing Constructiontwo blue; modeling: blue, red; Foodsthree blues; Sheeptwo blues; Bucket Calfblue; Arts and Craftstwo blues.

Jason Lister
Foodsblue, red; Swinetwo reds.

Mark Lister
Foodspurple, blue; Swinered.

Frank Male
Rocketryred; Rabbitsblue, two reds; Poultry Showmanshipblue; Poultry Waterfowltwo blues; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Sheep (Market Lamb)two blues; Horticulture Judging.

JoAnna Male
Purchased Clothingpurple, two blues; Catspurple, champion (Level I); Hand Petsblue; Foodspurple, red; Horticulturetwo reds; Horticulture (open)first; Forestryblue; Geologypurple; Rabbitsthree blues; Rabbit Showmanshippurple, reserve champion (Level I); Poultrythree blues, red; Poultry Showmanshippurple, champion (Level I); Sheep Showmanshipblue; Sheep (Market Lamb)two blues; Rabbit Judging; Horticulture Judging.

Justin Male
Electricityblue; Foodspurple, red; Rabbitstwo blues, red; Poultry Showmanshipblue; Poultry Waterfowltwo blues; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Sheep (Market Lamb)two blues; Rabbit Judging; Horticulture Judging.

Ashley Moran
Horse Projectwhite; Crochetpurple; Clothing Constructionpurple, blue; Clothing Buymanshiptwo blues; Clothing Modelingpurple, two blues; Cooking For Funpurple; Non-Perishable Foodpurple; Arts and Craftstwo purples, one blue; Woodworkingpurple; Photographypurple.

Sean Moran
Bucket Calfblue; Woodworkingblue; Rocketryblue; Arts and Craftsreserve champion, purple, blue; Non-Perishable Foodsblue; Photographyred; Electricityblue.

Timothy Moran
Bucket Calfreserve champion, blue; Rocketrydivision champion, overall reserve grand champion, purple; Foodsblue; Photographyred; Arts and Craftstwo purples, blue; Woodworkingpurple; Electricitychampion of division, purple.

Clara Spring
Arts and Craftstwo blues, red; Foodsthree reds; Hand Petsthree blues; red.

Justin Spring
Market SteerAngus, blue; Crossbred, red; Showmanship, red; Horticultureblue, red.

Travis Spring
Market SteerAngus, blue; Crossbred, red; Showmanship, red; Horticultureblue, red.

Donald Watson
Shooting Sportsblue; Cooking For Funblue; Rocketrypurple; Photographytwo reds.

Eddy Watson
Cooking For Funred.

Kevin Webb
HorsesTwo Year and Under, champion, purple; Gelding Halter, red; Mare Halter, blue; Showmanship, white; Pole Bending, top blue; Barrels, red; SheepSuffolk, blue; Crossbred, blue; Market SteerCross, red; Foodsthree blues; Cropstwo blues, red; Horticultureblue, three reds, three whites; Photography (color)purple, red.

Kaitlyn Werst
Pets (Cats)blue; Arts and Craftsblue, two reds; Foodstwo blues.

Kalen Wright
Arts and Craftsthree blues, red, white; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Sheep (Market Lamb)blue; Hand Pets (Cats)blue.

Lucas Wright
Rocketryblue; Hand Pets (Cats)blue; Sheep Showmanshipblue; Sheep (Market Lamb)two blues.

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