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A wakeup call to Eudora’s parents


December 14, 2000

Indulge us for a second by holding up the index finger of your right hand.

Now bend it at the knuckle.

That's all it would have taken for Eudora to have gained national infamy the same type thrust unwantingly upon places like Springfield, Ore., Paducah, Kent., and Littleton, Colo.

We dare anyone to make the claim that it couldn't happen here.

The events of the last two weeks, when two boys allegedly shot up a herd of cattle and one of them held his rifle not one or twice, but three times to the head of another Eudora youngster should serve as a reminder that it can and almost did happen here.

Today, is as good a day as any to bang the oft-banged drum for parental responsibility and supervision.

Know where your children are. Have a say in the activities in which they participate and who they befriend. Show them you care.

It's the job of all parents to prepare their young to be contributing members of society. It's the least expected of them.

We realize in this day of single-parent homes, latchkey children and two-paycheck families, many kids have had to bear more responsibility in caring for themselves. They've been granted more independence at an earlier age.

Not all can handle that independence.

Sadly, many parents haven't noticed.

Here's an indicator: Where are your children and what are they doing from the time they get out of school to the time you come home from work?

If a parent can't answer that question, he or she needs to get a little more involved.

Laws have been passed making parents responsible for the actions of their children. Someday, these laws are going to be enforced, but fear of conviction should not be the motivation.

It's just important to know what your kids are doing.

We applaud those parents who take an active role in their children's lives and we urge those who have neglected these parental responsibilities to use what has happened as a wakeup call.

Those dismissing this as "boys will be boys" can try telling that to the parents of Columbine High's victims.

There is an accountability for parent and child alike.

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