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City has a dire need for accountability


June 8, 2000

Superintendent Bill Harlow is back behind that huge desk in his office at the city yard.

That's good news. Harlow was wronged by the city council, which two weeks later saw the error of its way and reversed its decision.

It is our hope the city can put this unfortunate chapter behind it and continue to grow. However, unless this council and mayor learn something, it might just happen again.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

The Eudora News has tried to report this issue fairly and comprehensively. The name-calling and personality conflicts shouldn't be handled through the press. But we believe a valuable lesson has been learned.

There is some good news to all of this. If this episode proved nothing else, it showed that Eudora cares.

It cares for its own. Bill Harlow is from Eudora and you don't treat one of your own that way. When he was mistreated, the residents of this town stepped forward and demanded action.

They showed up for last week's city council meeting demanding action and got it no thanks to a mayor who needed a reminder that both he and the city council work for the people.

They are accountable to this town.

They have an obligation to let us know how they vote on every issue.

Maybe it hasn't been done that way in the past, but it will be from now on.

Henceforth, The Eudora News will be publishing the way each candidate voted on every issue. Count on it.

We elect people to the city council based on their position on the issues. Voting record is the best indicator of a council member's stance.

For the mayor to try to get away from an individual vote last week prior to Harlow's reinstatement is reprehensible. If he truly believes the council shouldn't have voted individually, he has no place serving the people of Eudora.

Last week should serve as a much-needed reminder to whom this city council and mayor report. As long as they remember it, there should never again be a problem.

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