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Council members dedicated

Letter to the Editor

June 15, 2000

I think everything that has gone on in the past several weeks has been unfortunate and unfair, not only to (Bill) Harlow, but the judgment that has been passed on each council member individually.

Dan (Gregg) does care about the city very much. The whole council was a wonderful support in getting a stop sign in place at 14th and Church where so many of our children cross to and from school. Our traffic study didn't warrant that stop sign, but Dan went before the county and fought for it anyway. He was the only councilman there.

I thank the council for their support with the stop sign and Dan for hanging in there on such an important issue as the safety of our children.

I think Dan Gregg is concerned about the future of Eudora.

The council, as a whole, is put in tough situations and isn't always right in what they decide. They are people like you and me that are dedicated to our community.

I hope everyone will stop and consider how they would react to the same situation.

Julie Daniels

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