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Eudora’s lawyer population doubles

McCabria leaves Coffeyville firm to come home to Eudora

June 29, 2000

When Jim McCabria got his start practicing law in Coffeyville, he got what he wanted a firm with a small-town feel.

But after six years of being away from Eudora, McCabria, 30, has returned to the home of his parents and the area he loves. Starting out in Coffeyville, he said, was the perfect experience for returning to Eudora and establishing a new practice.

"It was a good-sized firm," McCabria said. "It was a good start. I couldn't imagine being in a firm with 50 guys in Kansas City."

Despite having a job he enjoyed, McCabria said Coffeyville was too far from the Douglas County area. With friends in Lawrence and family in Eudora, his decision to move was an easy one.

"I moved here because I wanted to," McCabria said. "The development, the culture, I enjoy it."

McCabria opened his practice in April, sharing an office with veteran Eudora lawyer Todd Crenshaw. Crenshaw opened his practice in 1994 and was looking for someone to fill vacant office space when his secretary suggested McCabria. It wasn't long before a deal was struck.

"We were looking for someone to fill that office," Crenshaw said. "We needed an attorney. Jim and I, we are the entire legal community."

McCabria, who completed law school at the University of Tulsa, said his decision to study law came from a hunger to help people and solve problems.

"I have always liked helping people," McCabria said. "When people had problems I always wanted to fix them."

He said he has had enough clients to keep his business flourishing.

"The biggest challenge I've had so far is opening a practice on my own," McCabria said. "So far, business has exceeded any reasonable expectations I had."

Having two lawyers in one building hasn't hurt Crenshaw's business either. Ironically, having two lawyers doesn't cut clients in half, but brings in twice the business, Crenshaw said.

"Son of a gun if it hasn't been right on the money," Crenshaw said.

"It's growing more and more local all the time. One of the big things about Jim is, he does things that I don't.

"We offer a bigger salad bowl of services to the community."

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