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Cardinal Card aids fund-raising for EHS band students

March 30, 2000

When Eudora High Cardinal Regiment members were looking for fund-raising ideas for future band trips, they relied on past ideas to raise the money. After Rob Claggett put his mind and resources together, he was able to come up with a winning idea to help with the task.

In the past, EHS band members sold beach towels and Cardinal Cards to raise money for the trips. But when a company representative made a proposal for the 1999-2000 school year cards, Claggett thought of a smarter, more cost-effective way.

"The price they were going to charge was just way out of line for what we were wanting to do," said Claggett, president of the band parent organization. "As I recall, the company was going to charge us $6 a card, asking we sell them for $10. By having them done locally, we could buy them for $1.50 and sell them for $6."

Claggett got the idea from his home business of making imprinted software. With his computer design experience, he designed the cards and then took the art to a manufacturer in Kansas City who was able to make the Cardinal Cards.

On the card, discounts are offered from local businesses such as Gambino's, Sonic, Dairy Queen, Eudora Auto Parts and Maria's Restaurant. It also includes savings from Wal-Mart film developing and dry cleaning.

"I've used mine quite a bit myself," Claggett said. "It's one of the few fund-raisers in my opinion that the value of the card far surpasses the price of the card itself."

Robert Foster Jr., Cardinal Regiment band director, said when reviewing possibilities for a future band trip, he thought a trip to Florida would be more appealing than places previously visited by the band.

"In the past, the band has gone to Colorado Springs and has also been to Washington D.C.," Foster said. "I've been struggling to be able to generate excitement in those places; I was thinking that Disney World in Florida would be more appealing to them."

The trip would not be just a vacation. Foster said he would like to take the band somewhere members could perform and have fun as well. But the band fund is still short of funds to take a trip of that magnitude.

"We are still very, very short of funds to make a trip to one of the coasts," Foster said. "We're not even at a halfway point to where we need to be."

Concrete planning for the trip is still a distance away, but Foster wants to make it possible for every student to attend any future trip, whether Disney World or Worlds of Fun. Everyone in the band must do some type of fund-raising work in order to be fair to all students, so none will have an unfair advantage. And, he hopes he'll find a place that the band can play together, as well as have some fun.

"If students want to go, they must do the work," Foster said. "If we are going to perform, then we need everybody that's in the band to perform. I don't want money to be an issue. It's everybody or nobody."

It should be noted the new uniforms the band will get in the fall came out of the school's general fund.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Cardinal Card may call Claggett at 542-3315, or Bonnie Neis at EHS, 542-4980.

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