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Annexation request pulled from agenda

October 5, 2000

An annexation and rezoning request for property planned for a manufactured home community has been pulled until a later date.

Tom Horner Jr., president of Mid-America Manufactured Housing Inc., said he pulled the request from the Eudora Planning and Zoning Commission to revise preliminary plans. A public hearing slated for Wednesday night was to be held for approval of annexation of 132 acres north of K-10 highway and west of Winchester Road. The hearing also would have addressed a requested change in zoning from agricultural to multi-family residential.

"We have too many questions on the plan," Horner said. "We're trying to resolve some of those issues. That's the reason we pulled it; we're not abandoning the project."

Horner said revisions would be made regarding the amount of property to be used for a clubhouse, office and other areas. He will also revise the plan so a portion of property can be used for commercial use. Horner said after the revisions are made the plan and request will be submitted again.

"Those kind of issues haven't been resolved," Horner said. "Hopefully when we submit one it will have those plans that accommodate everyone."

Commission chairman Kurt von Achen said the earliest a public hearing could be held on the annexation and rezoning request would be November. Though Horner has the right to withdraw a request, von Achen said, the decision might be an inconvenience for many residents interested in the issue.

"I'm not going to tell you he made me happy today, because I'm not happy to have a bunch of citizens show up and I'm sure there will be," von Achen said.

The turn of events will be useful to commission member Rose House. House said she was going to be unavailable to attend the hearing due to a prior engagement. However, public feedback she had received thus far had not been favorable.

"I've heard from many, many, many people in town," House said. "None of which in favor."

Commission member Duane Gentleman said he has not heard a great deal of public comment. What input he has received from the community was a concern of what the manufactured housing community would do to Eudora's full district. He said when an issue with heavy interest such as this one comes before the commission it requires heavy study.

"I would say I've been doing some background research on issues and facts," Gentleman said. "I think in a position where we're at on the planning commission you definitely need to research."

Ken Adkinson, commission member, said he has heard some public comment in favor of the park. One argument is not everyone can afford single-family dwellings and the community would bring affordable housing options to Eudora.

"I've heard both sides," Adkinson said. "At Casey's I've heard some people that were for it."

Adkinson said he would go into the meeting with an open mind, but he did have some questions. One concern is the amount of entrances to the community; another is the definition of manufactured homes itself.

"I'm not altogether sure I'm clear on the term manufactured housing," Adkinson said. "I was going to ask some questions on that."

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