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Sunday love

Church teacher retires after 60 years

September 7, 2000

After 60 years of teaching, Fern Long is heading back to the classroom.

Long, 85, retired as Sunday school teacher from Eudora United Methodist Church on August 27. She was honored with a reception from the chuch. Long started volunteering as teacher after she and her late husband, Raymond, moved to Eudora in 1940.

She said she decided to stop full-time teaching because of medical conditions and because it been ong enough.
think that Ie done it long enough and Ie trained people to take my place over the years,Long said. don know when my knee will give out on me. The rest of me does pretty good though.
Long said as a child, her dream was to teach Sunday school. Having good teachers played a role in her teaching desire, which has carried over to her four children.

always wanted to be a Sunday school teacher, even when I was little,Long said. ll my kids have been Sunday school teachers or still are.
Despite her upbringing, teaching was filled with challenges. She was moved to different classes as needed, but said teaching a young adults class was the most challenging. Long feared the age difference and because she was accustomed to teaching younger children she worried it wouldn work. She felt her methods would be too simple for the older class.

Her church leader felt differently.

hey said, hat what we need. That exactly what we want, Long said.

After teaching so many years, Long said she always found teaching to be a learning experience.

or the older (students) you didn have to do much and when youe taught for 60 years you pretty much know what to teach,she said. t so interesting; you teach the same thing but there always something new.
Long said she will substitute teach when needed, f I don have to go up a lot of stairs.In the meantime, she will spend her Sundays in young at hearts class, for those in her age group. She said her experience has been great, with teaching and loving people its own reward. She said that is why she taught for so long.

ecause you love God and you love people,Long said. told them all the time I wasn a great teacher, but I loved them to death.

t not a big deal when you love to do it.

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