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Plan now for Eudora’s future


April 12, 2001

Ron Conner was sworn in as Eudora's new mayor at the city council meeting on Monday.

He comes to the office with some lofty goals. Conner said on election night that he wanted to work with the council to set a top-10 list of priorities for the city. He spoke of uniting the council and establishing some long-term goals.

So far, we like what Conner has to say. Hopefully, it wasn't just post-election euphoria talking.

Eudora is about to enter what may prove to be the most important four years in its history. The school district will soon ask residents to support a bond issue to ease the burden of overcrowding in the schools. The recent census tells us Eudora is gaining new homes more quickly than it is new business and industry. That leaves the tax burden squarely on the shoulders of the city's residents. Although the city operates independently of the school district, city officials must plan with the understanding that there are only so many tax dollars to go around.

It's evident, however, that help is on the way.

As the K-10 Corridor continues to develop east from Lawrence and west from Olathe, Eudora will likely be enveloped in development opportunities. It will be far easier for city officials to separate good opportunities from bad if they have defined their ultimate goals well in advance of businesses showing up at city council and planning commission meetings. With those goals in mind, they can look at a proposal and ask if it brings them closer to or moves them further from their goals.

We think Conner's idea of a top-10 list is a step in the right direction. While he's at it, why not get the community involved. We invite the mayor to bring the list to us. We'll publish it and see what the community has to say.

What better way to welcome the new mayor than to tell him we're interested in what he has to say and we want the community to be part of Eudora's future?

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