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Council should not be afraid to spend tax money

August 2, 2001

Eudora City Council members are working hard to keep property taxes low, but are they doing what is best for the city?

Council members revised the proposed budget, reducing the city's potential mill levy from the originally proposed 33 mills to just under 18.3, lower than 2001's 18.4.

Council member Tom Pyle suggested the mill levy be reduced even further, to 17.

We're sure Pyle and his fellow council members are focused on keeping property taxes as low as possible for all Eudora residents. Frugality is an admirable trait in an elected official, but the council must also think about the city's future.

Eudora has many infrastructure needs that have not been met. As the city continues to grow, those needs will increase. Now is not the time to lower the city's mill levy. The council should be commended for trimming the budget in places it needed to be trimmed. Now, it should take some of that money and put it where it can do the most good in the long run.

Let's get the Winchester Road project completed. Let's build some sidewalks in area neighborhoods. Perhaps now would be the time to approach county officials about a joint effort of improving Church Street and Main Street. Businesses on Main Street often flood in the back because of water washing off the alley behind.

It's like the saying goes, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. A little investment now will mean productive, organized growth later.

We hope the city council will take a hard look not only at what it can cut from the budget, but also what it can add. We hope council members won't try to be heroes to the people of Eudora and shortchange them in the long run.

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