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Eudora Board of Education approves 2001-2002 budget

August 16, 2001

The Eudora Board of Education passed its 2001-02 school budget without any comment or public response during the budget hearing on Thursday night.

Superintendent Marty Kobza said the budget would help keep good programs in place and improve others.

"We will be able to maintain current programs and improve areas in necessary areas related to student services and academics," Kobza said. "We will deal with academic remediation and enrichment programs with the new budget."

Kobza also said Eudora should consider itself fortunate to have an increase in student population because many schools around the state are experiencing the opposite situation.

"We will take the challenges associated with growth," Kobza said. "This is a very, very good school district. We produce excellent people and we want to do it even better."

For the majority of the meeting, Kobza spoke of his high aspirations for the school district and how he plans on going about changing things.

"We will have to have a good reason to change something and the decision to change something has to be based upon data," Kobza said. "I am a competitive person and I'll be disappointed if we're not the best school district in Kansas."

Kobza said he plans on gathering data for the school district and hopefully, writing a vision statement upon evaluation of the schools' needs and goals. He said his intentions are to revamp programs rather than revamping the entire school system's procedures.

"We have to find out the best way to attack things with the district," Kobza said. "We need to heal and bring people back on the same page. I'm not going to be throwing 100 new programs at the school but we will review every program, allocate funds and get programs where they need to be."

In other school board news:

The board approved the employment of kitchen workers Emma Jayne Allen and Rachel Benoit at Eudora West Elementary School, and Vera Collette Plunkett at Nottingham Elementary. It also approved Matt Fisher as assistant seventh and eighth grade basketball coach.

The board approved changes to the Eudora West student handbook. The board also said it would make sure the DVDs stolen from the Eudora Middle School earlier this summer were replaced.

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