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Letter to the Editor

July 12, 2001

Judging from all the burning debris falling on my rooftop as I write, I'm sure this won't be a popular opinion: Ban fireworks in Eudora!
I moved here just over a year ago and have seen enough to know that I won't be able to go see a safe, organized fireworks display with my family on the Fourth, as we'd hoped. Instead, I'll have to stay home with the garden hose ready.
I'm assuming fireworks are still allowed in Eudora because city officials still judge this to be a small, rural town. Well, wake up and smell the toast, oh elected ones! There are plenty of new houses on a par with those in Johnson County cities, which, being protective of their high-priced homes, banned fireworks years ago.
My wife and I love everything about Eudora except for the "driveway displays" that your paper said are legal. Actually, no one seems to light them from their driveways. They do it in the street. Our neighbors have been lighting them in the street all night, not in front of their house, but ours.
The sidewalk behind my mailbox seems to be a much better ignition point than anywhere in their own yard, too. Considerate!
That's the problem; few folks lighting these fireworks seem to be considerate. They ooh and ah when a shell explodes low to the ground, pelting your house with embers. But no one seems concerned that they might have just started a fire.
I guess they figure it'll get reported and put out after flames are showing. That's why we'll have to stay home tomorrow night. So much for independence.
I wonder how many Eudora residents agree that it's time to stop this nonsense.
Perhaps all of us of like mind can buy a few bags of fireworks next year and go set them off in the street in front of the mayor's house to illustrate our point. (It's legal, right?)
Then his honor can stand vigil with the garden hose and pick up all the trash the next morning.
Well, better go check that roof again.

Rob Roberts

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