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Kobza made official

June 14, 2001

After serving as acting superintendent for several weeks, Marty Kobza's position will become official.

The board offered Kobza a contract, the details of which will be finalized at a June 29 meeting.

"It's a situation that I'm excited about," he said. "Part of the reason is that if I were to go out and look across the State of Kansas for a superintendent's job I wouldn't find a better place."

Although Kobza said he began thinking about pursuing a superintendent position five years ago when he got into administration he didn't expect to have secured a position yet.

"The way it happened it was something I couldn't pass up," he said.

Eudora High School Principal Kobza took on the role mid-May after former superintendent Dave Winans resigned from the job. For the last few weeks of school, Don Grosdidier, social science, ran day-to-day operations at Eudora High School.

However, in an agreement between he and the board, Kobza won't ask reimbursement for his time spent as acting superintendent in consideration of a tight budget.

Positions open for a high school and elementary school principal, food service director, a basketball coach and several teachers mean Kobza will start his contract with vacancies to fill.

"The impact (of these positions) is going to be very important," Kobza said.

Budgetary plans also await Kobza. He said that changes in the amount of state funding the district will receive because of growth will allow it to not only operate at the same level but also enhance the district without increasing the local option budget.

The $16 million school bond issue will leave Kobza with plenty of work, including decisions as to how the district will use the middle school building.

"Many of the voids we have in the community can be filled," he said. "So many things that we need for the community can be accomplished through the bond. There are opportunities to make this an even better place to live."

In other news, the board:

discovered another glitch in the telephone survey asking Eudorans questions about the bond issue. The survey gave interviewees too low an amount they would pay in taxes on a $100,000 home. Kobza emphasized getting accurate information out to the public before the vote.

accepted the resignation of Tom Jerome, Nottingham Elementary School principal.

was informed the district would receive grants for pilot curriculum programs, including a technical writing course.

work will continue on the school district mission statement, which began with former superintendent Winans, to have it reflect new leadership.

discussed summer projects, which will cost of about $25,000, will largely include updating Nottingham bathrooms.

discussed adding a public relations employee to handle media questions directed toward the district as a whole, such as questions about school bond.

representatives from Lawrence and heard from Douglas County Crime Stoppers and Kansas Crime Stoppers Association about starting a program at Eudora High.

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