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These poems were selected from Denise Kendall’s sixth-grade class for publication in the “Anthology of Young American Poets”

March 22, 2001

Golden Grandma Cox

By Mary Cox

My grandma is a friendly person,

She is always offering to help someone,

My grandma is a hard worker,

She is always making sure everything needed is done,

My grandma is a patient person.

My grandma is a busy person,

She keeps her yard looking lovely all year round,

She also collects cool stamps she has found,

Grandma grows a large vegetable garden,

And we spend hours arranging flowers,

In the winter it's cold outside so grandma stays inside and sews,

She might make a pretty bedspread with bows.

My grandma's favorite food is spaghetti,

She is partial to classical music,

Grandma and I both like the color violet,

My grandma loves zebras and their elegant stripes.

My grandma and I love to go on picnics in the woods,

Once grandma went with me to the State Fair,

Grandma and I would always sit on the porch swing,

And she would sing to me,

Grandma would always say yes to spending time with her family.

My grandma loves me and my family

And I don't know what we'd do without her!

A Kids Version but a Poets Choice

By Beth Folks

Kathy is funny and kind,

Sometimes she might even read your mind,

She likes to tan in the sun,

But mostly she likes to have fun.

Kathy likes to lounge around,

She'll yell at you if you make a sound,

Having fun is one of her favorite things to do,

And on Halloween she likes to say "Boo."

She has many friends that are good and kind,

Sometimes when the time is right,

They'll go out for a stroll at night,

Then after that they'll go home and unwind.

She watches football with Mel and Johnny,

She practices basketball with Mel,

She plays golf with Johnny,

She also coaches and plays softball.

My Super Dad

By Randy Hadl

My dad is 6'2" and is 32 years old,

He has dark brown hair,

His eyes are hazel,

His mustache is brown.

My dad is very smart,

He is very joyful,

He is extremely caring to those who need help,

He always likes to joke, and he always makes everybody laugh.

My dad loves steak especially with seasoning,

He enjoys playing and watching basketball and football,

He loves to watch any kind of racing,

He enjoys doing anything that involves woodworking too.

My dad enjoys to do woodworking in his free time,

He enjoys gardening in his free time,

He enjoys working on his truck in his free time,

The thing he loves to do most in his spare time;

Is to play with his kids,

And that's why I call him my super dad!

My Grandpa

By Kellian Harrell

My grandpa is fun to be around,

His is loving,

And is funny.

My grandpa also has gray hair,

He has brown eyes,

He's 5'11" tall,

And says he weighs too much.

My grandpa likes to watch TV,

He also likes to go boating,

He always takes me fishing,

And he also drives a bus.

When I was a kid we always used to play monster together,

We always watched TV together,

And he always takes us to the lake,

But the funniest of all is we've always had our handshake.

Grandma Schendt

By Ann Heschmeyer

My Grandma Schendt has short, red, curly hair, blue eyes and glasses.

She's about as tall as me.

We're racing to se who gets taller first!

She's smart, funny, and a good shot!

She's practical, efficient and she likes to sing.

Grandma always explains things to me like, why you should frost the cupcakes furthest from you first.

And, how you can tell if a deer is nearby.

One time she and Grandpa took my sister, Sarah, and I fishing at Honker Pond.

They were over on one side of the pond and Grandpa and I on another.

So we hailed them.

Sarah was rather squeamish with worms so when Grandma put that long, juicy, wiggly critter in her hand, she was off like a rocket! When she neared us an expression of extreme disaster was evident on her face.

To this day everyone laughs when Grandma tells of Sarah's reaction to the worm.

Grandma enjoys the great outdoors.

And she's no slouch with a BB gun.

So last year Grandpa took her deer hunting.

Grandma was sitting in their deer blind when she saw a stately buck with several prongs.

When you shoot at a deer you want to shoot it behind the shoulder blade so you hit the heart.

The buck was facing toward her so gentle Grandma decided she would have to "Blast its face off!!"

She waited for the buck to come closer. Unfortunately, the buck was unwilling to comply.

But she got a nice button buck instead.

My Mom and I

By Erryn Kindle

My Mom's name is Arline Kindle.

She has brown hair, and blue eyes.

She is 5'7" and is in her mid 30's.

She wears casual clothes and usually nothing fancy unless there is something special.

My mom is very lenient.

I only have three chores.

She will stop watching her TV show to play with me, or let me watch TV.

Her hobbies are riding our four go-carts, and playing with me.

She likes to play softball in the summer and fall, and she plays volleyball in the winter and spring.

She likes to coach me in soccer, too.

The memories I have of my mom are her riding go-carts with us, and when she plays football.

I remember when she would read to me every night except for when she had volleyball, then my dad would read to me

My Mom

By Desiree Marmon

My mom has brown hair,

She has green eyes,

My mom has glasses,

She is 5'5".

My mom's personality is that she is fair,

She works hard,

Mom's caring,

She is funny.

Growing up she moved a lot,

She didn't make a lot of friends,

She had to help take care of her sister,

She always was worrying about her family.

Her hobbies are walking,

She also likes getting on the Internet,

My mom also loves talking to her friends,

Also she likes playing with the dog.

The Bomb

By Nikki Miller

My grandma is the coolest person ever!

My grandma is 74 years old.

She has red hair, and brown eyes. She's only 5' tall, but she wears high heels so that she's about 5'3".

I will always remember her for the dangly earring, and makeup that she always wears.

Her hobbies are sewing, photos, reading and talking.

Her favorite is talking, and then photos.

She has a photo album of pictures from 1950!

She has a photo album for everybody in our family.

She loves watching all of us grandkids open presents on our birthday, or Christmas, she also loves buying stuff for us.

She gives me money most of the time because I'm too picky,

I don't think I'm picky.

I love her and I don't care what anybody thinks of her.

I mean, hey she's 74 years old, and of course she's a little stuck in her own ways.

She has gotten better without letting loose, if you know what I mean.

She also is picky about stuff, but she's a grandma for crying out loud!

I know she loves me and that's the only thing that matters.

She has traveled almost everywhere in the world.

Italy, Rome, England, Spain, Mexico, and Texas.

She always gets me something from everywhere she goes.

Her favorite place was either Italy or Rome.

I think it was Italy.

My Dad David Oakes

By Tasha Oakes

Hi, this is things about my dad.

His name is David Oakes.

My dad remembers climbing the Colorado Rockies.

He has climbed Mt. Everest once.

David wishes he could someday be able to climb the rest.

When my dad was growing up he was the oldest of his brothers.

He was born in Colorado.

David would play football with kids in his neighborhood.

David is about 6 ft. tall.

He has brown eyes and black hair.

David likes to wear his Denver Broncos outfit.

In his spare time he likes to read.

David likes to read big chapter books.

Now he is reading the Left Behind series.

This is my dad David Oakes.


By David Westerhouse

My dad's personally is dominant,

He is always funny,

And cheerful,

And he is happy.

My dad's favorite color is red and blue,

His favorite animals are dogs,

His favorite movie is "Top Gun,"

His favorite book is "My Shadow Ran Fast."

My dad's hobbies are riding three wheelers,

Coaching baseball,

Going hunting.

When he fishes he catches bass,


Channel cats,

Or any kind.

When he hunts he gets quail,




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