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Charges in arson query stalled at DA

March 29, 2001

Though it's been more than two weeks after a house fire arson investigation was wrapped up, prosecutors have not yet filed charges.

Deputy District Attorney Shelley Diehl said no decision has been made on when or if any charges would be filed. Diehl would not comment on the name or number of suspects.

"We have the report and they're still being reviewed. No charges have been filed," she said. "At this point, we just don't have a decision yet. I don't know the nature of the case other than it's arson."

Diehl said the case has been assigned to attorney Raca Crawford.

Eudora Police Sgt. Greg Dahlem said that he, Kansas State Fire Marshall Dick Blevins and Chris King of Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical met with Crawford to introduce her to the case.

"We met with her Tuesday (March 20) to go over the reports and kind of brief her on what was going on," Dahlem said. "She is wanting to talk to two electrical engineers that looked at the house to determine whether or not there was an electrical problem. So far, I have not been contacted by her since then.

"There's where we're at."

The center of the arson investigation is a house at 1533 Sycamore St., belonging to Russell and Jill Lavin, which burned three times in two months last year.

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