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Citizens fight crime without guns

May 10, 2001

Two rural Eudora residents are educating others that crime doesn't pay but helping catch criminals does.

For their efforts, they've been rewarded with recognition at the state level.

Breck Marion and Shawnua Stover were awarded with promotions at the Kansas Crime Stoppers Association state meeting April 24 in Wichita. Marion was named vice-president, which will move him to the office of state president in 2002. Stover was elected as a board member to the Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers helps raise reward money earned by who provide police with tips that contribute to the arrest of criminals. Tipsters earn the reward by calling 843-TIPS in the Lawrence area.

Marion worked with Crime Stoppers since a local chapter was formed for Lawrence and Douglas County in 1994. He was the inaugural president of the newly formed chapter.

Seven years later, he said it was an honor to serve at a higher level. Marion said he was committed to spreading the word that communities can help fight crime.

"We work with the public, law enforcement and the media to make our programs successful," he said.

In addition to the fund-raising, Crime Stoppers has a monthly "most wanted" program on local television that features two people wanted for felony crimes in Douglas County. Marion said the program is very successful.

"We've got about a 96 percent success rate on our most wanted program," he said. "I would say we're better than America's Most Wanted, percentage wise."

Stover is no stranger to crime fighting. Her father and grandfather were sheriff's deputies in Douglas County. Apart from educating the community on what residents can do to fight crime, Stover said she'd like to see more involvement in the schools. Crime Stoppers started programs in some Lawrence schools, a feat she'd like to see accomplished in other communities as well, she said.

"We'd also love to get (a program) started in Eudora," Stover said. "It's just a program where students can provide information anonymously to help fight crime in the school system."

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